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  1. epfrz

    POST Craigslist ads here...

    Selling my 76 620. Lots of exta parts. Bonney Lake. $2500 OBO http://seattle.craigslist.org/tac/cto/3041421304.html
  2. epfrz

    Datsun Lap belt?

    Very interested......
  3. epfrz

    Datsun Lap belt?

    That would work....any one have one?
  4. epfrz

    Datsun Lap belt?

    Anyone have a lap belt, I am putting one in the center of my bench seat of my 620 for my daughter. I know I could just put any one in but would like a Datsun one! Thanks Z
  5. epfrz

    P.O.T.D. 2011

    Its on my calendar
  6. epfrz

    Ratsun Meet @ Carls Jr. Tacoma March 19th

    Glad to meet you all today, sorry we were not able to stay longer. Look forward to next time. Zane
  7. epfrz

    Ratsun Meet @ Carls Jr. Tacoma March 19th

    My first Datsun meet. Should be there!
  8. epfrz

    smog gone

    The weber works great with the smog stuff off. I have also heard that you need to make sure the air injectors in the exhaust manifold are removed and plugged to get the engine running at its best.
  9. epfrz

    I want it

    it would make a good convertible with a flat bed!
  10. epfrz

    Leaky 620 Cab

    I did clean out the cowling, I think it may be the windshield gasket, its pretty hammered.
  11. epfrz

    Leaky 620 Cab

    I have a water leak in the cab of my 76 620, its coming out on the drivers side around under the speaker area. Any thoughts? (Water leak is not good in Washington!)
  12. epfrz

    Sweet 4x4 620 on Ebay

    I could almost buy this one and sell mine! but......
  13. epfrz

    Full Length Lil Huster Side Stripes now available!

    Bought mine last night!!!!!
  14. epfrz

    New Here

    Like the 521. Nice to see ya here. Zane
  15. epfrz

    My first Datsun!

    gotta love the 620's...

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