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  1. In what stores? I've got a green 620, but no wagons.
  2. How did you miss the Electrical section in the 311s.org Tech Wiki? The GM 3-wire upgrade is a no-brainer. First thing I did on my roadster many years ago. Takes maybe an hour. Key thing is cutting straight when you modify the alt mount otherwise the belt may not quite line up straight. It'll work, but the belt will wear prematurely. You may also have to play with various spacers to line up the belt. If I was to do it again, I would consider a physically smaller alt as the GM alt is big and looks disportionately large on the roadster. Besides the 311s.org Tech Wiki info, I would read the excellent info (including the KA24 and Saturn swaps) in this Ratsun sticky: http://community.ratsun.net/topic/31990-datsun-620-alternator-upgrades-my-new-way/
  3. I see new/refurbished brake wheel cylinders and linings. Were the drums arched?
  4. I'm assuming (yeah, I know, dangerous) that you're using the stock drum brakes all around with that shiny new single reservoir brake master cylinder, and that they've been bled thoroughly. Do the brakes lock up immediately, or do they work okay at first, and then get progressively harder until they lock up?
  5. Join the EarlyDatsunClub Yahoo Group, and then ask the group owner, Carl Hockett. He's in Texas with quite a stash, and might be amenable to reducing his fleet of projects.
  6. No, the VIN and engine number are different. The engine number won't be on the pink slip/title, but will be on the block (front right side) and a separate entry on the VIN plate, which should be attached to the left (driver side) fender inside the engine compartment. If the engine isn't the original, then the engine number on the VIN plate won't match. You can always call Rebello to get the actual engine number.
  7. Sorry. Hope I'm not hijacking this thread, but can you explain further how the GM one-wire alt is a bad idea, and what's a better option when upgrading the old stock alts? Thanks.
  8. Well, Mike, some men at your stage of life need help getting it up. :rofl:
  9. Not only are the motor mounts different, how they bolt to the front crossmember is also different. Basically, two different front crossmembers. Btw, the R16 motor mounts for a 411 are totally different that for a roadster (SPL311) and totally NLA. I believe Tana had the last set in existence, and sold 'em in 2014.
  10. Yeah, since the OP is from Oz, but the only way to know for sure is for the OP to more fully explain what he means by L23.
  11. Okay, where are y'all seeing that Canby has been cancelled or moved to October?
  12. Geez, none of you folks use a spell checker or even notice the forum software highlighting your mistakes? Anyway, whomever said Canby 2015 is cancelled is on crack. From the DatsunsNW website: Datsun Driving Canby Fun 2015 will be June 13 & 14, 2015It will be our 10th year! We're planning some fun surprises for you! It should be the biggest and best ever. I just hope my car is ready. Haven't been in a couple (three?) years.
  13. hainz said "opihi".....yum. Lucked out Saturday....Central Market actually made some damn fine ahi poki. Yo, Diane. Wat chu like? I want a Zippy's Zip Pack! .....and wash it down with old school Primo. Ron Whodaguy wouldn't lead ya astray, eh? Good times.....good times.....
  14. Months? Heck, this thread started in Sept 2013!!!! :w00t: It'll be interesting to hear what work Rebello did and what it cost. I've heard nothing but good things about them, however, the words "cheap" and "inexpensive" were not mentioned. The thread also never states if this is an SAE 3-main motor or Metric 5-main motor. As a '67, could be either. Hopefully, the later as the many of the parts, especially the main bearings, are readily available at lower cost than the 3-main stuff. What is the engine number? That should tell us. FWIW, I pulled the 3-main on my '67 roadster to replace the clutch, replace the head gasket, do some general clean-up, and reinstall......yeah....right..... Full on rebuild pushing $2000. That's one reason I'm considering a KA for my 411 wagon.
  15. Trans bigger than Alan's apple boxes. I gotta come down and go through those boxes with you........-AFTER- I get the roadster on the road. B)
  16. ppeters914

    Datsun F10

    Two F10's welded together. Forget the story, but fully functional in both directions.
  17. Strike 1..... Strike 2..... ...and Mike (aka exit65) hits it outta the park! http://www.311s.org
  18. Just needed a bigger hammer, right? :w00t:
  19. Wish you had posted pics especially the profile. So it fit without issue? Aren't the front doors the same as the wagon?
  20. Carl Hockett, owner of the (extremely quiet) EarlyDatsunClub Yahoo Groups forum, used to have windshield seals for sale. I'll ask if still has any, and the price.
  21. Carl, the owner of the EarlyDatsunClub YahooGroups forum, used to have windshield seals for sale. I'll ask.
  22. Yo, OP, any new status? Have you driven the KA24DE enough to comment on whether it was worth the upgrade from the KA24E? Decided the L20b created too many issues, so sold it and thinking KA after the roadster project.
  23. I'm sure there's an Energy Suspension one that'll fit.....I hope. Like Jesse said, key thing is getting the measurements.
  24. Hey Mike, I don't have the exact measurement (and, sorry, not going to pull my wheels and brakes to check right now :no: ), but I did a rough measurement years ago thinking I would replace the stock (H165?- 4.11?) rear with a roadster (H190 - 3.70 or 3.90) rear. IIRC, the widths were within an inch of each other so I'm thinking the RX7 LSD should fit as long as you don't go all bazuko hella flush on it.
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