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  1. Geez, I need to hire you as my car buyer.
  2. Nope. Liquid stuff you pour into a mold. Trick #1 is making the mold.
  3. Julie sez it's Datsun Racing Mustard......or Baby$h!t Brown!
  4. I had heard many good things about Super Clean, so bought some. Very UNimpressed. Depending on what I'm cleaning, I use: Simple Green, BrakeKleen, and gasoline. Good ventilation critical on the last two. :frantics:
  5. Nope. NLA like almost everything Datsun that's pre-510 or Z. :mad: OTOH, Mr. Jesse was playing with Flexane a while back to repro the horn bushings. Perhaps this is something else he can tackle? :rolleyes:
  6. Ha! I'm retired USN. Lived in Hawai'i for almost 13 years. Dove and got drunk in Guam. Can't remember if that's the pier I fell off of or if that was a buddy (there were other piers in the Philippines and Japan, but I digress.....). Still using the Sony boombox I bought at the PX in '87. Guessing you know what us haoles say Guam stands for, eh? :angel: Anyway, cool thread....subscribed. Sucks about your Photobucket problems. I also found trying to do uploads, etc. from my smartphone a PITA, so just wait until I'm at the computer. This is your work area? Wow! Normally, not a fan of the JDM bullet fender mirrors, but those are gonna look killer on your 710. Look forward to more progress, but understand it doesn't happen overnight. Heck, we're into Year 11 of the six month remodel on the house. It took 10 years before I gave up on roadster #1. Hopefully, roadster #2 will be running this year.
  7. What john and wayno said plus that trans. It's an L18.
  8. Tana (here in Washington State) sold her 410 sedan to a guy in Ontario, Canada. Ya just gotta add shipping costs to your buying budget.
  9. Oh....my..... Is it smaller or about the same size as the KA?
  10. Interesting. Wonder what's the story on that?
  11. Roadster calipers the same for all years '66-'70. What notes you looking at that say different?
  12. I bet that's the guy who flew with his friend (or brother) to Utah, then drove the 510 wagon back. Dunno if that blog is still up somewhere. IIRC, he has a powder coating business. Wrong coast otherwise I'd figure a way to get the money. Keep the orange wagon and sell the rest. Oh, well.......
  13. In your office???? Hmmmm...... Yeah, lining those up was a bitch. Interesting....yours looks like it has a retaining/reinforcement plate. Mine doesn't: Here are the top brackets (left and right): ...and where the short side of the top hinge attaches on the inside of the tail gate above the window: Happy now, Mister Mike? B)
  14. Can't remember the last time I drove it, but at least 2009. Never had a project thread. The '66 roadster had been the focus, but I finally pulled the plug on that one in Jan 2014. Bought a ' 67 roadster that March, pulled the engine and trans to replace the clutch and head gasket, but that turned into a engine rebuild and a frame-off. In the meantime, I put the 411 up for sale. Had some interest, but no one with money. Sold the L20b out of it. Just discovered how much money I have into it (too much.....sigh....), and decided to keep it for a while. Thinking KA24 swap, but need to buy a welder. '67 roadster is still the focus, but not sure when it'll be done this year. Also need to get the 914 on the road to decide if keeping or selling. Too many projects.....too little time and money.....need to be 30 or 40 again. .....and that was a long hijack to say I hope to come to Canby, but too early to tell. ....and now back to our regularly scheduled discussion.......
  15. Nice pics, Jesse, however, it turns out Mike wants pics of the hinges that attach the hatch to the car at the top (roof), and how they attach. I took some pics, but discovered they're incomplete, so gonna shoot 'em again tonight, then post.
  16. To sum up what most folks already said: - It's a 1963 312 sedan with an E1 (1200cc) engine. - Not a lot imported, very few survivors. - I believe most E1 engine parts are available although not the carb. - All drum brakes. Most of the parts NLA. You'd probably have to have the wheel cylinders resleeved. - Very few, if any, NOS or aftermarket parts. - The tail lights are unobtainium. - I also remember a few folks who had them, and got rid of them because they couldn't get parts. What it's worth is just guessing from us until you can provide: - History. - Mileage. - Does it run? - Etc, etc. Not wanting to discourage you as it's very cool. Just might be some challenges getting/keeping it on the road. Keep us posted.
  17. From double-post (which I've requested the admins to delete):
  18. Putting the H20 forklift head would be less than optimal. I forget all the differences, but the H20 head you toss in metal recycle. They're worthless for roadster use. The roadster R16 heads were iron until approximately mid-1967 and/or engine number R40001.
  19. Hmmm......wonder if that would work in my 411 wagon? Interesting thread!
  20. This question was posted in a Project thread. Figured it would better here: I have no idea what the spline count is on a 510, but I counted the steering wheel splines on my '66 411 yesterday: 36
  21. - History? - Mileage? - Does it run? - Does it stop? - Automatic or manual trans? - Etc, etc, etc. Without knowing any of the above, it's just us guessing, As a 411 wagon owner, my opinion is that it's worth at least $500 (probably $1000) from the pics as the car looks pretty complete, if not pretty. If you pass on it, PM me the seller's info as I know an extremely motivated buyer.
  22. Then you might want to review this thread: http://community.ratsun.net/topic/22191-1977-620-kingcab-deluxe/
  23. Well, I'll gladly save your eyes by taking one or two of them off your hands.
  24. Wow! Me neither. Yes, good you at least broke even. I may reconsider buying after I get my roadster on the road.
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