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  1. Yeah, inquiring minds want to know since my 411 wagon currently has no engine/trans. Was thinking the easiest option is an R16. I have an RL411 front cross-member, but the engine mounts are unobtanium and different than a roadster, so would have to fabricate something. Was also thinking KA.
  2. Damn! Love that. Thought those were unobtanium. Have to find one if I decide to keep my 411 wagon.
  3. Might help if you post a pic of the water pump area and/or what's broke.
  4. Awesome is right, Mike. I think Jeff just became my new best friend!
  5. That doesn't sound very Ratsuny.
  6. I spy an intercooler. What's in that bad boy?
  7. Yeah, most of that will buff out. Change the oil and plugs and fire it up!
  8. Kmarts around here have been closed. Love to get a yeller one or two from ya. I'll throw in some extra for a 40-ouncer for you're trouble.
  9. You're damn straight, skippy......er.....James!
  10. Automatic trans are great for longevity and easy driving, especially in traffic like a daily commute. Manuals are for FUN!!!!! If you're thinking of manual, then better if you can get a car already with one otherwise you're going to have to source and install clutch pedal, etc. Of course, it all depends on what you can find. We have plenty of choices in the US of A. Dunno if you can be that picky on the Emerald Isle.
  11. Sorry, I don't know Eunos or his roadster. This roadster I'm talking about is owned by Carlos, an old-time Nissan mechanic originally from Argentina, but now living in SoCal. He's in his 80's now. I believe the swap was done around 1989-ish. He was going to do a VG when his son saw the FJ on a pallet at the wrecking yard, and said "Hey, dad? What's this?" Car has been to the Solvang show. Another guy in SoCal has two FJ20 roadsters.
  12. ....subscribed..... First I was jealous....now I'm getting pi$$ed for no legitimate reason. Maybe because it highlights how much work my 411 needs.....sigh.... Hope the price was fair, if not reasonable. Not everyone gets a killer Texas barn find. What's the story on the paint job? Down to bare metal? How many coats? Clear? Is that the stock Nissan Blue (don't have the code readily handy)? Normally, not a fan of those wheels, but IMO they look mucho better than those photochopped Phantoms. They may be ubiquitous, but Panasports, Libres, or Watanabes trip my trigger.
  13. Darn. Joel's pics are blocked for me at work: Reason: Tasteless & Offensive sites are blocked Site: i.imgur.com/tfEq20s.png Access to this website is restricted by internet access policy. One advantage of that A-motor is plenty of space in the engine compartment. You need to add the earlier pics of the crossmember fabrication.
  14. I'm installing a new oil pump in my rebuilt R16, and liking the assembly lube idea. As for priming the rest of the motor, I'm a fan of the classic drill and screwdriver bit method.
  15. I loved visiting Japan courtesy of Uncle Sam (US Navy) back in the '70's and '80's. Things really calmed down after Vietnam, political correctness, and defense cut-backs. One really learns to use chopsticks by picking up dimes w/ the plastic sticks while enjoying your 2am anti-hangover saimin. Oh, and don't forget to pass the Akadama, mama! Damn that stuff leaves a nasty hangover. Yo! Hot sake!
  16. I don't know why, but I've been in love w/ the FJ20 since I first saw one in a 510, and, later, in a roadster. That was years ago, and I've never seen one for sale.
  17. I sorta ran this idea past my wife this morning. Her response was "NO <expletive deleted> WAY!!!!" :crying: On the plus side, she followed that with "Once the roadster is done, get the 411 on the road." :thumbup:
  18. First dibs on that G crankshaft if you decide to swap out the engine. B)
  19. Wow! That's two, yes -TWO- Datsun Racing Mustard cars in a week. Way less than $3k? Serious score, and I'm serious jealous. No big deal about the fan. Was probably the crappy clutch type, so it self-destructed on the PO.
  20. Ahhhhhhh.....Polish.....two words......Spirytus and Żubrówka! My understanding is that it's quite a distance between pubs in Ireland, so an automatic will make it easier to hold your drink. :w00t:
  21. Damn, I'm jealous of your work space. I have a single bay garage with a bump out for a workbench. Can't open a door fully. Beats working outside under the deck, though! :thumbup:
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