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  1. ppeters914

    71B reverse idler gear and forks

    Wish I could post pics, but seems like all image hosting sites require money these days. Besides, DatzenMike probably has these images burned into his brain. :lol: I have two FS5W71 5-speed transmissions. One came with my '67 1600 roadster. History on this is unknown. I believe this transmission originally came in a '79 620 diesel pickup because: Shorter shifter ears Speedo drive retaining screw at 12 o'clock Steel forks Servo 5th gear Main nut is left-hand thread (DQ Vol 11 Issue 2 states nut changed from RH to LH in 4/79). Starter housing on left side. AFAIK, only roadsters and diesels had them on the left. I bought the other 71B at Canby 2009. It came out of an '83 280ZX: Tall shifter ears Speedo drive retaining screw at 6 o'clock. The earlier trans is completely dismantled for a rebuild; the later trans mostly apart. Questions: 1. The earlier trans forks are steel (cast?); the latter aluminum. Are they interchangeable? Any advantage of one over the other? Anyone have good part numbers that aren't NLA, or know where to buy new 1-2 and 3-4 forks? 2. The earlier trans has a 23-tooth reverse idler key with a chipped tooth. Found a thread from 2008 in the Nissan Diesels forum that mentions the reverse idler gear came in 21T, 22T, and 23T. http://nissandiesel.dyndns.org/viewtopic.php?t=1763 Haven't contacted the various transmission parts sellers (Transmission Exchange, Drivetrain.com, Cobra, etc.) yet. Googling finds 21T and 22T, but no 23T. CarPartsManual Online for the 620 shows one part number (32282-E9000) without tooth count, and it's NLA. Can you substitute the easily found 21T or 22T for the 23T? Thanks,
  2. Next time, I highly recommend plugging those intake manifold openings before drilling. Hope you vacuumed the $h!t out of 'em before bolting on the manifold.
  3. ppeters914

    Tana's PL 410 is running again

    Steve, In the post before yours, Tana mentioned she had sold her 410 last year (2015). I believe it's new home is in Canada. Tana no longer has any Datsun vehicles although she still comes across parts to sell from her dwindling inventory.
  4. ppeters914

    At a loss for 411 brakes

    Nice hijack, but, no. Almost all 410/411 brake parts are unobtanium.
  5. ppeters914

    My latest engine swap

    Yeah, inquiring minds want to know since my 411 wagon currently has no engine/trans. Was thinking the easiest option is an R16. I have an RL411 front cross-member, but the engine mounts are unobtanium and different than a roadster, so would have to fabricate something. Was also thinking KA.
  6. ppeters914

    A 410 Goon moves to Hawaii

    Damn! Love that. Thought those were unobtanium. Have to find one if I decide to keep my 411 wagon.
  7. ppeters914

    Let's see some machine work

    Looks like we're still good, Mike.
  8. ppeters914

    My Intro with my 70 GOON Barn Find!

    Might help if you post a pic of the water pump area and/or what's broke.
  9. ppeters914

    Let's see some machine work

    Awesome is right, Mike. I think Jeff just became my new best friend!
  10. ppeters914

    trouble posting pics

    That doesn't sound very Ratsuny.
  11. ppeters914

    B210/310 with 140J front grill

    I spy an intercooler. What's in that bad boy?
  12. ppeters914

    So I stumbled upon this 72 510 Wagon...

    Yeah, most of that will buff out. Change the oil and plugs and fire it up!
  13. ppeters914

    DATSUN HOTWHEELS (and some other ones)

    Kmarts around here have been closed. Love to get a yeller one or two from ya. I'll throw in some extra for a 40-ouncer for you're trouble.
  14. ppeters914

    My Intro with my 70 GOON Barn Find!

    You're damn straight, skippy......er.....James!

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