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  1. I'm looking for a 510 air dam used, broken, new! :)
  2. Is anyone interested in powder coated valve covers for l16-20b. I can do single and two color coating on them. I have a bunch of covers I need to get rid of. Let me know so I can get them done.
  3. I'm looking at getting Ssr long champs that are 14x7.5 0 offset and was wondering if they work on my girls 4dr all stock 510? I read a bunch off the other post and feel like I can but want to make sure. My other option are 13x6.5 +5 but I feel if I go for 14" I'd have a better chance to run them if I do 280 struts and wilwoods brakes will clear. That's if I do go that route. Also will I need to run spaces or need longer studs? Thank you all
  4. Sweet thank you for the help Mike. I save everything I take off just to save anyways so I will most definitely save that. Thanks again I will give it a shot to more.
  5. So if I toss it I will not regret it. No cons? What's the second points relay?
  6. I was going to ask the same? What would the negatives and how bad would it be? This is what my throttle looks like. Not my car and different carb. I don't have the u mount on my carb.
  7. This is my carb and where a cable would connect but I have a rod that pivots you can see on the right that is about an 1 to 1 1/2 lower. it don't have a throttle cable just little rods. I have a cable for the new carb but no way to connect it with the rely first posted.
  8. Thank you Mike. Now I have to figure out how to connect my throttle cable and I have no idea!!
  9. Need help verifying what this is. The throttle connects to on end from pedal and to the carb on other end. Can anyone tell me what it is and do I need it? I'm installing a empi carb/ like Webber. It's a 70 510 auto and I'm swapping an l18 instead of l16. Thank you.
  10. Anyone what or looking for a roadster engine? I am 90% sure it's a u20 or came out the 2000.
  11. So where I bought my vinyl from I was informed they should last 5 yrs. Elephant, Datsun sun, rising heart is $3 Datsun/nismo, cars $8, do it in a Datsun $6
  12. Anyone interesting interested in some decals? I can make more but I want to see what you all like and would like. I need to sell these to raise money for me and my girls cross country move. I can make any of them in any of the colors seen but red sorry I have no more
  13. Ok, Time to hit the yards. Thank you for the great help
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