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  1. I found a set of rods for my Ka. I appreciate the swift replies...I will be back I am sure. Thanks again everyone!
  2. Good info! I think I will stay away from the Z24 until I know more about the compatibility, what it will cost me, and start hunting down cars with ka internals. I figured there would be a lot of Ka parts in yards as it seems most are doing SR swaps. I will look for the hard body D21 and stanza parts then and hope this widens my scope looking for parts. Thank you!
  3. Working on my budget build 80 Ha10 (510) Datsun wagon swapping in a Ka24e from a stock z20s. While cleaning up donor ka engine found some bent rods and half moon gauge (prob from valves hitting? (I am guessing the Ka had hydro lock due internal water I found) while preparing to hone block. Now I am looking for rods/pistons for the ka and having trouble locating parts or donor engine(s). I need to find used parts because the price for new rods/pistons is past what I can afford, haven't pulled valves but cam rotated them fine before I opened it up due to rods. I hear Z24 rods will fit the Ka but I am unsure if Z24 pistons would work. Is there any other from another engine that is comparable? I am not up to date on engines I could mix/match with. I am in hopes this set back wont be too costly and I am not opposed to Frankenstein builds if it can benefit the engine performance. Any suggestions or ideas would help greatly. *During this build I have learned about T4/5 trans front case swaps and compatabilty between L and Z/ka trans if anyone is stuck on that let me know and hopefully I can help out. Thanks! Chris
  4. Awesome! Sounds like a road trip... PM or email me and we can sort out the details. Thanks! Chris
  5. One is the engine and other a bad side shot from a camera phone.... still needs paint and minor body work but runs great.
  6. I am looking for a drive line that will fit a 1980 510 wagon. I have not been able to locate a stock one, besides the 610 which has been almost impossible to find here in SW WA, I have heard a 720 2wd std truck DL will work. Any ideas of compatible single shaft drive lines would be appreciated. Chris
  7. Hello, I am new to Ratsun but have learnt a lot from the community posts, Thanks! I recently acquired a 1980 510 HL wagon from my grandmother. Its a straight axle rear, I hear thats called the HL model, and its been an adventure. I have found that its not that easy to locate parts for. The first thing that went wrong was the radiator blowing, I was not too upset because it was probably stock. After hunting high and low I found nothing so I did some research and found a 1990 Acura radiator was able to make it adapt (I hear Ford focus rads can work too). Beyond the basic replacements of head lights and alternator it was alright for a bit. So one day I had the bright idea to swap the stock 4 speed for a 5 speed.... and the fun began! Needless to say I thought Craigslist was a good place to start, how hard was it to find a 5 speed for a z20s? Well as I am sure you all know after I bought a NapZ 5 speed from a truck and put it in I was not happy with removing my passenger seat so I could shift...lol So I had a friend who I had helped a lot on his 620 swap bell housings with an old 4 speed L series he had.... Viola! Now I am drilling the cross member to fit the Z series trans mount, and of course with the tail shaft being longer I need to shorten the driveline. This is where I am running into trouble with my budget. I had heard a 510 sedan driveline would work, or that from a 610, even a 720 if it was a solid shaft...but I have not located any of these parts. I think the U joints on the stock driveline are difficult to replace and I was told to change the yolkes so "newer style" U joints would fit, but I have not reached that point. I would like to find a donor driveline that I could adapt in case something is wrong I could swap back the 4 speed and be stock again. I know that sounds funny to do this...but if what I changed on this car goes wrong and I cannot put it back to the way it was when she gave it to me, I would never hear the end of it....thats if I lived that long...LOL oh well thats how family is sometimes... anyway any adaptable parts, ideas, ect. I would be greatful for. I will have to get pics up soon of the wagon, and my 4x4 620 (jeep front end and T/C) with a Buick 4.1 V6... Thanks! Chris
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