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  1. 74datsun

    1974 710 2 door parts

    OMG how much do you want for that fender:hyper:
  2. 74datsun

    Fusible link blown.

    Hi. I have a question, hope the gurus can give me a hint. As I drove my 710 last time, I noticed the charging light on. I decided to stop using the car to check the alternator and Volt reg that I had changed about 9 mos ago. As I checked the relay area in the engine bay I noticed the fusible link cable burnt. The fusible link arrangement has a cable connected to the battery on one side. On the other side it is connected to the engine wire harness via 6 connector plug male/female. Where is the Voltage regulator on your 710??? If you could help out that would be most excellent.
  3. 74datsun

    end of summer datsun swapmeet?

    do you have a L20 motor ?

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