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  1. I forgot to add, I just bought a napa 3 year warranty battery :) for the 510 of course.
  2. Im going to be out of the states indefinitely, but how about we get this thing sold today eh? Someone throw me an offer :) My leave date is coming up really fast, and when Im gone, Im probably just going to throw this thing in the barn, cause I really don't want to be dealing with car sales related things while im thousands of miles away. Mike
  3. Well ladies and gents she is still here, someone come and pick her up, throw me an offer and we'll see what I can do. I was away for a few days visiting family before I leave, but now Im back and ready to sell this beast. Thanks, Mike
  4. Email replied to my friend, let me know if you need anything else. P.S. I don't mind questions being asked and answered in my thread about my car. I mean thats what its here for :)
  5. No problem at all, It would be cool to know something more about the car than I already do hehe. I know that it also uses the orange needle gauges which from what Iv been told didn't come out till the 70's but I don't know. But I do agree that the when you look at the car from the outside it looks more like a 70's dime then a 60's, it does have the original build plate under the hood, so as soon as I get home from this family gathering I can look into it :).
  6. I wont be able to check until I get back home. But I also wouldn't rule out that the previous owner put in a 70's dash, since I know he had access to a lot of that stuff.
  7. Honest truth is I never intended on selling any of these cars in the first place hehe, I planned on building them both well and hopefully having them last me a life time. But opportunities in life come up you just can't say no to, and an opportunity like that for me has come up and now I have to part with them and leave over seas , and I know what happens to these cars when they get stored in a families barns, I honestly rather see this car go and get worked on then rot. I am very fortunate with the quality of this chassis, the usual rubbers are rotting out, but that's cause I haven't found anyone that makes one that doesn't fall apart after 6 months heh, but Iv made sure to make sure that there is no water leaking through the cracked rubbers and the car pretty much stands in my garage all the time :).
  8. Still for sale for $5000obo, probably right now the best way to contact me is through the internet means, since I am in oregon snowed in on top of a mountain till new years with absolutely 0 cell phone. Thanks, Mike P.S. All extras are still here except for the Front spoiler.
  9. Someone offered me $5100 cash today and I agreed and they flaked on me, so I guess if anyone can offer me the same I will now take $5100 for it.
  10. I have it at $5500 right now, but I think I rather have the price taken out of it period. Thanks.
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