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  1. Rat720

    85 720st lowering question.

    Ok guys. This is my 7th 720. First st and second extended cab. I've always run 4" blocks in the back and about the same it the front on the torsions, and I've always been as low as I want to be, fairly slammed really. However with this truck this 4" drop in the back looks more like a 2-3" drop. It's still so high. I even tried Unbolting the shocks and nothing. Is there something different with the st trucks that could cause this? I don't see anything different but it's really pissing me off. Any ideas? Thanks everyone
  2. Just bought a 85 720st auto and it has no dipstick. If someone has one they could let go please let me know. Thanks
  3. Rat720

    1985 720 ST help.

    Hey everyone. Just picked up my 7th 720. It's a 85 st extended cab. Automatic trans. This is my first automatic one and was wondering if its normal for it to be this SLOW!!!?! It has a weber and I'm in the process of tuning it a bit better but it runs fine other than a flat spot right off idle, (any ideas) but its just extremely slow compared to the 5 speeds I'm used to. I plan on swapping in a 5 speed when the auto craps out but I hope that will at least be till near the end of summer. It shifts perfect just feels like it has no power. Also if anyone has a dipstick for this trans I very much so need one. So please let me know. Thanks
  4. Sorry for the all caps title but i have to get my truck back on the road this weekend. I need a good weber and or adaptor for a z24. Dont have a fortune to spend thanks to hours cut and christmas but do have some, but cant wait for it to come in the mail so anyone within say 200 miles or so of atlanta any help would be great. Text me 7708075149 Thanks guys
  5. Rat720

    Yet another 720!!!

    Update. Tree fell on the bed 3 nights ago. Great sight to wake up to. Not. But building a flatbed to replace. Looks Badass. Still wondering about the rear end info I asked about. No takers? Pics up soon
  6. Rat720

    Yet another 720!!!

  7. Rat720

    Yet another 720!!!

  8. Rat720

    Yet another 720!!!

    Ok guys, doing some research, which o shouldve done before asking, ive found I might have the h223b rear axle. With 4.65 ratio. Apparently the h190 doesn't have a removable diff cover? Mine does, with 8 bolts.
  9. Rat720

    Yet another 720!!!

    That's the thing there is no tag or sign of there haveing been a tag there. Lol. So I should be able to swap any h190 diff in and keep the dually right? And cool, we should meet up sometime.
  10. Rat720

    Yet another 720!!!

    I'm in gwinnett. You?
  11. Rat720

    Yet another 720!!!

    ??? Anyone know of a ring and pinion swap? Any more opinions on the truck? Will try to get more pics up tomorrow
  12. Rat720

    Yet another 720!!!

    So the only gearing that came In the dually was 4.3s datzenmike? Do I have any options for swapping the ring and pinion for better mileage?
  13. Rat720

    Yet another 720!!!

    Thanks guys. I've been throwing around the idea of seeing what a simple wood flatbed would look like. One that is just as wide as the frame and exposes the tires. But I really like how the bed looks. Any ideas on the gearing of my rearend? I don't mind the cruising at 60-65 just curious. In the next few days I should have the mini stacks done, can't wait.
  14. Rat720

    Yet another 720!!!

    Few pics.

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