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  1. Stitebunny

    '71 Goon

    Looking good! Nice progress all around!
  2. Stitebunny

    Sending unit 510 gas tank

    Was wagon specific. Looks like the price went up now. Do you not have one? What is wrong with it if you do?
  3. Stitebunny

    Sending unit 510 gas tank

    I got one on ebay for my wagon.
  4. Stitebunny

    Borg Warner Muncie auto trans

    If you wouldn't mind digging out the manual I'd appreciate it. Would be even better if you could scan or send some pictures of the important pages! It sounds pretty complicated and I don't want to ruin the transmission anymore than it is already.
  5. Stitebunny

    Borg Warner Muncie auto trans

    Dang. I thought you guys were the transmission dudes..
  6. Stitebunny

    Borg Warner Muncie auto trans

    Yes it's on the back. Can you explain to me how that system works? I did leave a piece of info out. The modulator looks to be adjustable looking at the old one. Inside the vacuum port you can access a screw adjustment. I assume this would do the same as a longer or shorter rod you suggest. I will fiddle with it and see if it changes. Maybe starting approximately where the old one is set at. Didn't notice as I was getting an atf shower at the time of replacement! Thanks a lot for the help. Again!
  7. Stitebunny

    Borg Warner Muncie auto trans

    Haha! I'd like to keep it auto. At least for now. It's just a stock cruiser and I like to commute with an auto. Mike, originally it operated fine with the exception of no kick down operation. Manual shifting on the column would work. I replaced the vacuum modulator on the trans thinking maybe it was bad. Had good vacuum through the line. When I removed the original, when the fluid started coming out, a metal rod slid out as well. I couldn't tell if it was supposed to be attached to the modulator or not. Didn't seem like it so I reinstalled it and screwed on the new modulator. Now I still have no kickdown and it seems to shift really early through the gears. Like really early. Need to doubled check the fluid level again and am going to recheck vacuum also just to make sure nothing else obvious is wrong.
  8. Stitebunny

    Borg Warner Muncie auto trans

    Is anyone familiar with these at all? Specifically the kick down vacuum actuator operation and its adjustment. I'm having some issues with it not working properly and do not have a manual or a good grasp on how it works and what it needs to be adjusted or set up. I have installed a new module on the trans. There are no vacuum leaks. I'm not sure the rod in the trans is in place properly or not or how it is supposed to be sitting in there.
  9. Stitebunny

    What seats are you using in your 510??

    How about meow?
  10. Stitebunny

    Dash clock woes

    Im in the same boat with my 510 clock. Mine is not quartz however. I have a clock repair/sales store near my work and just dropped it off on Friday. They said they could take a look at it to see if they can do anything. Should know the answer to that next week hopefully. Found this while searching for answers. Not directly related to quartz operation but some good info and pictures. http://www.oldcarsweekly.com/restoration/restoration-tips/putting_the_ticktock_back_in_your_old_car_clock
  11. Stitebunny

    What seats are you using in your 510??

    Double post. Can't seem to get them straight....
  12. Stitebunny

    What seats are you using in your 510??

    I have this. Not sure what it is or where it's from.
  13. Stitebunny

    70 510 wagon clock

    Thanks. I am hoping to find a repair shop to ask them about it. I don't know what kind of mechanism it runs on... It is a round clock. Looks just like this one; From another thread here.
  14. Stitebunny

    70 510 wagon clock

    I have a clock I wanted to install in my wagon. Found the wiring connector and the lights work but the clock doesn't seem to. Found one or two posts and it seems most clocks are in non working condition. Has anyone successfully repaired one themselves or know what it might take? Thanks
  15. Stitebunny

    The shop club

    Haha was thinking the same thing. paid 100 for my 70 510 wagon. Sounds like a bunch of rich tech dorks with no mechanical abilities and too much money and found out they too can be car "enthusiasts".

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