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  1. i have bought numerous items from jake and they all are great products
  2. i guess you was there when i filled out my ballot, i was given a sharpie marker not pen and it did bleed thru
  3. don't forget the assholes in W.H.O. they were also in cahoots with bill gates and the rest of the terrorists on event 201
  4. its time for american patriots call to arms and stand up and defend this country again to the terrorists both foreign and domestic especially the dnc terrorists george soros, the corrupt politicians and state officials who allowed the voter fraud to happen, they all need to be annihilated. who is with me on this lock and load america
  5. i am ready to move out of this communistic socialism country now, and to think i and many others fought and defended and served this country by putting our lives on the line in harms way many times and some have even died. i will just say this pedophile joe biden is NOT my president and that fugly ass delusional always on her knees kamala harris in NOT my vice president
  6. so i had appointment with gastroenterologist today and apparently not only do i have a mass on pancreas , but i also have 1 on liver and 2 on left kidney, and more tests are needed, then wait for results hopefully results won't take 3 weeks to find out like last set of tests did, then follow up with doctors to see what plan of attack is, i just wish i could have 20 years back to where i was 32, younger, more energetic, not so much health issues,
  7. i had my mail in ballot with me to turn in but poll workers said it needed to be in the green envelope but since i didnt have it i had to vote in person with valid id check, there was not ball point pens just sharpie markers i asked if there was any pens and the rude poll workers said no and that i need to use sharpie, well guess what the sharpie bleed thru and i turned it in so idk if my vote is counted yet or not. i hear stories that if sharpie is used and not counted yet it probably got thrown away
  8. i have a few 4 speed transmissions up for grabs
  9. gene knight

    521 dash

    i am redoing/refurbishing 521 dashes
  10. i am gonna use black silicone/ rtv
  11. Now with center caps with datsun logo and new threaded valve stems debating on putting black allen head button top bolts where rivets used to be
  12. i have doors and i think a quarterpanel but im in phoenix
  13. Cleaned up and polished
  14. Got these from tdaaj/teddy Johnson in August at 510keeper event. before
  15. i have bought parts from jake to include 521 tail light housings, both clear and red tail light lenses, front turn signal lenses in clear, glove box liner, glove box door handle, wiper motor grommet and he is fair on prices and get items shipped promptly. i plan on buying more items from him in the future
  16. so i got results back on friday after 2 weeks of getting mri and i have a mass on the head of my pancreas and i will need surgery and hopefully no chemo/radiation. now waiting game to see when i have surgery
  17. are any of the push rods bent? i had issue with my b210 after i took it to brakes plus to bleed brakes. it ran rough and valve cover bolts were loose and had to adjusted valves cuz some of them were out of adjustment
  18. the 1 that is by itself near top and closer to shifter rod is neutral gear switch and the 2 that are close together and closer to the bottom are for transmission switch 3rd gear and other is reverse gear switch
  19. since my datsun is now 2 toned paint instead of only purple like grimace is i was thinking on renaming my 521 Thanos since he was purple and wore battle armor in gold and silver and wore black as well thoughts? opinions?
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