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  1. gene knight

    RIP Dave aka Pumpkin210

    i have chatted with him on here and met up with a few years ago at canby, he was a great person to talk to, he will be missed
  2. gene knight


    well my results came back and doctor says it is my prostate my numbers went from 3.8 back in feb. this year to 5.2 on sept 3rd. i want to thank all those who wish me good luck and are concerned for my health.
  3. gene knight

    my 521's named sandy and sweet pea

    so here is an update on my 521 trucks. i sold the green 521 i named sweet pea earlier this year and did a write up about it after many years of having it, had to get a title for it also, and now here is update on bamboo tan 521 that i bought back then. i bought it and had to go bonded title i recently got another bed cuz previous owners cut out bed floor with a cutting torch. the 521 bed i got was tan underneath the green house paint that someone used a brush on. so i got to work stripping the green paint off with sandpaper/ paint stripping gel and pressure washer, and prepped and painted front of bed and back of cab the og bamboo tan paint. i had a yellow 620 bed on the 521 and used it for storage of 620 parts only. i do have some pix but uploading them is a hassle. i still need to finish bedsides and get painted as well as do a bedliner in it. the truck is a 1969 model so no side marker lights on fenders or bed and has a running L20b /4 speed in it. i will need to weld in pieces on bed where side marker lights go so then it will get the reflectors back on. after that i will sell it
  4. gene knight


    went to different urologist and took my results from my psa tests and ct scan, he says my psa results are to high and i should be <2.0 for my age, he is recommending a flow test and ultrasound and possibly biopsy on prostate. he also told me that doctors go by blood work psa 75% of the time and 25% finger check, i go back in a few weeks to find out results on recent psa test.
  5. gene knight

    my 521 project formally known as grimace

    picked another bed that some one used green house paint with a paint brush now i have to remove all the green paint and fix all the dents
  6. gene knight

    620 king cab

    the kingcab is now on its way to california
  7. gene knight

    Charlie69's 66 520 Build

    your recent pictures looks good
  8. gene knight

    The Official SWDP 11th Annual Barbecue August 18th 2018

    glad you a good turnout
  9. gene knight

    620 parts

    i have a plethora of 620 parts for sale everything must go
  10. gene knight

    620 king cab

    Looks like red kc will be leaving next friday/ saturday
  11. i need a brass brake line bulkhead for 521 that goes on firewall on passenger side if you have 1

    1. Pacific coast Datsun

      Pacific coast Datsun

      Im sure you have one in your "stash" Gene...jeez

    2. gene knight

      gene knight

      i did but i sold it when  sold my green 521

  12. gene knight

    mini truck bbq

    was able to get gazebo without any issues
  13. gene knight

    mini truck bbq

    these were just a few pix i took while waiting for people to arrive. https://photos.google.com/share/AF1QipM91gTkJucpCrKVVKbJCDOQe377IIp-i2Ta8Jmm2CqaFjvATqt0XnBip1Wqv48hkQ/photo/AF1QipO_eVYo8uiCpAGeVQc0kZfOjEonGHbpmm1sYnfG?key=M0NpQ2pXeU5DRDJnVU5RWk5Nd2FwOHpnSm1SclpB https://photos.google.com/share/AF1QipPGdJHd2M69TkILMXDuqTzPz1395bHIPtM4D1beMTsze-2T88UyIg0yDOh_bz_XXw/photo/AF1QipPguv9bGOEnnrlSErNS0YkrOI3pwkaejQ_nd-rZ?key=VENSWDhQckJIcW9GS21FVXdoaUozSGZuLWNqTnJ3 https://photos.google.com/share/AF1QipOzcrxQC-mxggkCAGgn91BVZoa7lq7gTnPU54LFpo9z9QfSsLA_KBLUlBdfkxXLdQ/photo/AF1QipOs5OA8N9-4odCXJXPZ6mYmwK0TauiZ3MY90G1h?key=d0R0U1htVE9tUmVhSU5ydnNuY0tlUVV2dVRteFJR https://photos.google.com/share/AF1QipODPCETawD9dUenSrREpc-CV90ZHoh6Ou1AmDKUVwa-Ydl7LKUpN_kWMq3DTd4kDQ/photo/AF1QipMidynMwlM9AfrtpLZE8-pQuDB0IjzAbQCALwfF?key=MjRfYnNENW1FaTVVU2NZSWtJeFlCclB1aDNZREtn
  14. gene knight

    mini truck bbq

    I have a few pix I just have to figure out how to upload them since the photobucket ransom issues
  15. gene knight

    mini truck bbq

    People are enroute cuz getting late start or finishing up their rides

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