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  1. Sorry for your loss, if you need anything let me know. im just taking it 1 day at a time with all my medical issues but getting frustrated about 1 of my daily medical issues
  2. hmu if u need 620 items
  3. i want that yellow datsun next to it
  4. how about furious fuschia i have the paint code
  5. NOT GUILTY verdict for the greatest president alive Donald J Trump... now time to annihilate the dnc terrorists and those who are destroying america including the republican traitors/ nazi supporter george soros/ china/ big tech/social media
  6. let me go thru my 620 stash and get back with you
  7. i have a under dash unit and have some controls
  8. i have an engine for it and does it have a title

  9. i have radiators and door glass

  10. are you looking for certain parts or complete a/c setup
  11. i have steel wheels for 620

  12. whats the interior/ bed/ engine bay look like/ title?
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