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  1. bump no longer need trailing arms
  2. can you do brown looped style carpet for a rhd bluebird 4 door?
  3. I have been using hacksaw and drifts for the past few weeks now with no luck...its actually bending the trailing arm cylinder that contains the sleeve. I posted a new in parts wanted looking for stock 510 trailing arms.
  4. Hi, I have a 72 bluebird four door and a 68 four door. I'm in need of some parts. Located in Long Beach, CA Items for Bluebird: -Rear Trailing Arms-this is the main thing I'm looking for. -72 euro front turn signals (clear and amber) -RHD brown Looped style carpet Items for 68: -black Looped style carpet -front bumper -rear bumper -metal vents -rocker trim -passenger quarter panel sheet metal -front valance -clean 68 dash top (not cover or cap) -front windshield -68 bumper light -black headliner please let me know if you have anything I need.
  5. nvm did more research and i dont think you can fit 13" rims on the trailing arms without triming the arms themselves.
  6. flare what? the cars fenders? with the rims im running i have 1-2 inches of clearance from lip to inner fender. how much further do the zx arms extend?
  7. I have a 72 bluebird that Iblew a wheel bearing on so I decided to take the rear tailing arms off, press out the bearings and figured I might as well replace the bushings. the bushings is where the trouble is...the bushings are a metal inner sleeve with rubber insulator and another metal outer sleeve pressed into the trailing arm. I removed the inner sleeve and rubber but the outter sleeve just will not come out I've taken it to multiple shops to be pressed out and no such luck. so my question is I've come to find that 280zx trailing arms work on a 510 and add width to the rear. I'm curio
  8. i called nissan and there no longer available... do you know of another provider?
  9. thats the one.. Thanks for the help
  10. does anyone know the nissan part number for the rear rubber bump stops for a datsun 510? I need to buy two of them but i dont have the part number to see if they still have them available. if anyon knows please let me know.
  11. ok, thanks for the info. Ill check clearance when I get a chance.
  12. I believe the valve cover wil fit on l18 and l16 with plenty of clearance for the hood. the l20 are a bit taller of block and I believe the head is taller aswell? I have an L14 so soon I will take a picture with it on for some oics. i have no problem keeping it as a wall hanger, i just figured it would be nice to have on someones car instead. I would use it but im swapping to z24.
  13. Will trade for these http://losangeles.craigslist.org/lgb/pts/3497235137.html or black ones
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