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  1. Hi everybody, Update coming soon.
  2. See page 10 for more photos. thanks, GUY
  3. That's ok, got a few more. Thanks, GUY
  4. Hey guys, We've been working very hard to get everything ready for this "SOUTH WEST DATSUN PICKUPS" BBQ, And so have you guys. This is our only event of the year so we would love to see everybody there with or without your ride. This is not a show, a contest or anything like that. It's a family friendly kick back no pressure DATSUN loving potluck bbq. Some of the rules under the permit I pulled are NO (alcohol, glass bottles, burnouts, racing, very loud music, leaving trash behind, ect.) So lets have a good time. You can bring any type of ride you want, Not just DATSUNS. There will be bbq's there for everybody to use and people will bring plenty of food to share with you. You should bring drinks and chairs for yourself. (And food or side dishes if you want) After the bbq, we will be going on a cruise down route 66 and stopping at a couple of places for photo shoots. Every year this bbq gets bigger and bigger so there will plenty vehicles to see. Lets have a good time. Hope to see you all there. Thanks, GUY.
  5. Mike, Mark and myself would like to thank all of you guy's for joining us at our SWDP bbq. It's because all of you showing up with your Datsun's that makes SWDP a success. We thank you again. at the bbq two new members of SWDP Ray Greg (back in the day) we now have our first (HONORARY MEMBER) Steve Vaughan from the original SCDP (so.cal datsun pickups) Steve Vaughan, Jim Knight, myself (Guy), Mike and Mark. all of us at the former Fontana Datsun dealership on route 66 at the WigWam motel on route 66
  6. This is a '64 l320 frame. Hope this helps. I have more photos. Guy.
  7. Roadracer Al, The scoop is fiber. It was on the truck when I got it. Thanks, Guy.
  8. fastdadd, It's flat black paint (spray can) not primer. Guy.
  9. Farmer, It will stay flat black for now, I still have alot of body mods to do. So touching it up with the flat black will be easy to do as I go along. For the paint, I'm don't know at this time. Thanks, Guy.
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