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  1. Is anyone else having loading issues with this site?

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    2. wayno


      OK, if my truck ran like this I would be fixing it, but it appears that reliability goes up and down with the.............. 

    3. Charlie69


      I have had problems off and on the Ratsun all day with clicking on a link in General, Classifieds, Trucks 520, 521, 720 with going to a blank screen the page never loads.  when I back arrow out of the blank screen instead of going back to the Ratsun screen I clicked on the link on I get another blank screen.  It sucks but it is free!  LOL

    4. wayno


      This site is acting like it is on a dial-up modem, every once in a while I have to close the window and open a new one to get it to load anything, very aggravating, I actually am coming here less and not trying to post when I do, seems like since I am staying home I would be here more.


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