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  1. I'm looking at a 200sx but the lower rear control arms are completely gone and whoever had it before made some homemade steel ones just to move it around. Does anybody have an extra set to sell or will parts from a 240sx be able to bolt up. From what I saw I don't think they will. thanks
  2. lwrdr2121

    Exhaust breather filters

    Thanks. Ill try that. I used the original air cleaner assembly that was on my car. I had to put in another engine since the original started knocking.
  3. lwrdr2121

    Exhaust breather filters

    So I just swapped motors in a 83 Sentra with an E16 engine. The exhaust breather filters are oil soaked bad. Any idea where I can track these down at? 20 years ago was able to get for an old 210 but not anymore. They bolt to the side of the air cleaner.
  4. lwrdr2121

    210's UNITE!!!!!!!!!

    No they didnt bolt right in. I had to make a plywood base to set the seat on first. They bolt the base to the tracks. Only one of the bolt holes actually lined up. Drivers seat was harder since the entire seat also tilts back. A friend of mine that has a 79 210 put a set of mid 90's Honda Civic seats in it. He had an easier time that I did.
  5. lwrdr2121

    200sx's unite!!!!!!!!

    My first Datsun I owned. It looked better the day I got it. Was a 2 tone blue car.
  6. lwrdr2121

    210's UNITE!!!!!!!!!

    My 1982 with 134K on it. repainted it from white and rust to this color and its going to get painted again. Factory seats were junk so they were replaced with Escort GT buckets. Other than the Toyota Teta rims and redone exhaust its pretty much stock.

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