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  1. didjeriDatsun


    I've got seats (in my 510 wagon) from a recent model Sentra se-r. They're comfortable, look fine, very supportive, affordable at a junkyard, and easy enough to adapt.
  2. didjeriDatsun

    shopping at Canby

    I'll be at a six hour mountain bike race on Saturday while the swap meet will be going on but I desperately need to locate a beautiful rear bumper for my 71 goon that got rear ended on Monday. I'll be at the car show on Sunday though, so if anybody sees a good bumper for me let the seller know I'll be there on Sunday eager to make a purchase. Some of you might already know me, and most of you not, but I'll be easy to spot as my car is painted with Australian Aboriginal mural, and my head is tattoo'd. I'll probably also be limping and licking my wounds from Saturdays race. In addition to letting a seller know of my late arrival I wouldn't mind if someone points me to that waiting seller. chad butler
  3. didjeriDatsun


    I put Sentra SE-R seats in my wagon. They fit nice, are very comfy and supportive. Everybody that rides in them comments that they like them, but I'll eventually be pulling them to replace with some Corbeau old school fixed back buckets because the aesthetic appeal is more in line with my desired look. http://www.corbeau.com/products/fixed_back_seats/classic_bucket/
  4. didjeriDatsun

    Door card material?

    I asked about getting panels made at a really nice hot rod shop that just does interiors. They said they'd cut the backing out of some of plastic, maybe similar to what was mentioned about Tap Plastics, so I'd think that plastic would be the professional choice, but then again cardboard might be more appropriate for a real ratsun, or anyone that thinks the jankier the better. You wouldn't even need to wrap it with fabric, just the Speed Queen print that's already on the cardboard. Oh ya!
  5. didjeriDatsun

    Guys who let their girls drive their datto

    My car is very precious to me but my daughter is even more precious. She's learned to drive in my KA24 wagon (510). She roasts the tires 50% of the time dropping the clutch but I feel like the car should be able to take it. I let my son take it out too, and he even came home one day and told me "I practiced burn outs up by the school". If they ever call me saying they're upside down in a ditch of course I'll be bummed about the car but that'll be a far second from my worry about their well being. I want my kids to have just as much fun driving as I do. I don't want them stuck in some boring affordable car that's stupid enough to wreck without feeling bummed. Who wants that? Cars are for lovin'. So is family. Now on the other hand, if your Ratsun is a POS that needs the brakes pumped, is missing third gear, has intermittant lighting problems, etc. then keep them out of your car regardless of who's driving.
  6. didjeriDatsun

    What do you have for 510 side mirrors?

    when asking for side mirror advice you should note that although there'll be plenty of people eager to show you how bad ass their fender mirrors look you'll have a tough time finding many people who feel like their fender mirrors actually work satisfactorily.
  7. didjeriDatsun

    510 wagon rear hatch lock

    Thank-Z Now I wish I knew how to delete my post.....
  8. didjeriDatsun

    510 wagon rear hatch lock

    I'm looking for the lock mechanism for my '71 goon. I'd love for it to already have a working key.
  9. didjeriDatsun

    Canby 2011

    oh well, I still have last years grin stuck on my face......
  10. didjeriDatsun

    Canby 2011

    so I'm not seeing anything about any autocross event around the time of Canby. Does anyone know anything? Anything? Bueller?
  11. didjeriDatsun

    Shop... too intense restoration

    I've bought off of him a few times. He's a small business and might take a bit to get back to you but he wil and his products will all be good quality. He's gotten me stuff for cheaper than his site lists and even just straight up gifted me some wagon tail light lenses. Keep waitin', your stuff will come.
  12. didjeriDatsun

    "New" 521 owner from SPEED Channel

    the interior pic confused me at first. I was puzzled at your drivers seat with the ball warmer vents, then realized that was actually part of your center console. I guess the ball warmers are still just a caddy option. I'll be excited to see the Top Gear U.S. show, been hooked on the Brit version since I got t.v., and Speed is one of my most watched channels, along with VS. and Spike.
  13. didjeriDatsun

    What would be a decent price for this 510?

    I'd want to look closer if I were actually going to buy it, but if it were listed at 8K I'd be pretty excited about it, and I bet others would be too. You've probably got at least that much into it. Projects usually sell at a loss....
  14. didjeriDatsun

    still autocross crazy

    I did my first autocross event at the kickoff of this years Canby. I had such a freakin' blast. I had every intention of driving nice and reserved to protect my car and just kind of get my feet wet in the sport. All those intentions went right out the window when I heard the word "go!". This week my Fire District had our annual Drivers Rodeo which is a technical course including forward and reverse serpentines, diminishing clearances, 3 point turn arounds, etc. After we all passed our evaluations I was happy to hear the guys interested in doing timed runs in our fire engines. Interestingly, we didn't knock over any more cones when hauling ass than when trying to be extremely careful.
  15. didjeriDatsun

    brake lights/wiring 510

    yep. you were right on the money. I don't have a horn and my horn fuse was the only one missing. I guess I've been driving it w/o brake lights since I got it back from the engine swap. Just a little overlooked detail. Thanks for the cure.

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