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  1. To fit on 240sx se wheels, 195/60r15's
  2. philip


    Does anybody have any tires layin around that i could take off there hands for a good price?
  3. philip

    88 200sx HELP!!!!

    update my diff is fixed, just need to get it rewelded! will be on the road monday night no later CA20s were R-180, VGs were R-200. It's a toss up as to weather it was a poor weld that failed or a good weld that didn't that caused this. Can't you just fish out the broken axle? .
  4. philip

    200sx's unite!!!!!!!!

    Is that your current car?
  5. philip

    200sx's unite!!!!!!!!

    I picked that car up from a buddy of mine that lives here in the salem area, why do you ask?
  6. philip

    200sx's unite!!!!!!!!

    here is my 88' 200sx with the ca20 5speed plan on doin a twin cam then to go boost, coilovers, paint, interior, etc.
  7. So I put the axle that sheered off inside my diff next to the new one which came out of an s12 and noticed that the one that sheered off is a good inch shorter then the other 2 axles? wtf? The one on the far right is the one that sheered off.
  8. So Im a newbie from the salem Or area, I just picked up a s12 200sx. Its strictly going to be my drift car, now the passenger axle sheered off inside my welded diff, now does anybody know where I can get another diff or diff guts in my area? I guess nobody in my area even knows these cars exist lol, any help will be greatly appreciated, if i could save my original diff if at all possible id like to.

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