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  1. This is a long shot, but if anyone happens to have a somewhat healthy 510 in Alberta or Saskatchewan somewhere, let me know. If its been parked at some farm for the past 20 years, I'm OK with that. I'm mostly looking for a solid shell. Price? $1-$5000 pending if you have a complete car or condition. Please email me at walperstyle@hotmail.com Thanks.
  2. I totally don't come here often enough, but thanks for the replies!
  3. Found this on Kijiji.ca Looks alright. -not mine, please don't contact me, contact the seller if interested- not a commercial post either :P http://reddeer.kijiji.ca/c-cars-vehicles-classic-cars-1971-PU521-TRUCK-1600-Series-W0QQAdIdZ215256318#
  4. lol thanks guys. Dad was not a huge datsun fan. But he did always tell me how on any twisty road he would destroy camaro's and cudas. He just hated how they all rusted out and ended up piles of dust. At least here in Canada, thats what they all did.
  5. This is my beast. Not as cool as your guys old stuff. I wish I could find a good 510 in Canada. Most them are small piles of red dust. You can find more updates on KA-T.org in the next year. Aiming for 500hp...2 year build happening outside of the car.
  6. I dont know about today, but She's hot! (Import Model 70's) Sweet loaded 510 A 510 borrowed by dad often. Perks of the job. The showroom Pic of my dad
  7. Some of you that know me know my dad passed away in August of Lung Cancer. Well, I've been going through a lot of his pictures of his life. I felt these needed to be shared. Chilliwack Datsun, 1970's and you think truck conversions are new... that mini is a tow truck dually! Bands sell cars! Dad built this dune buggy (to the right) Race 510
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