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  1. Yes that mounting piece is different then what I have i cant seem to upload photos idk if its my phone or what but yeah the mounting point on my distributor is different then the timing cover.
  2. Yeah all I need now is a z24 spindal Im on the North Island. I'd love to buy your spindal off you. But my question of the distributor still not matching up to the timing cover hole is still unanswered when inserted its just all loose and doesn't have any way to properly mount the distributor.
  3. Hi guys I've done reading on as many sights as possible but I cant quite seem to find exactly what it is im looking for I have a distributor from a 1984 z24 And im looking to mount it onto my z24i because im going turbo and fitech. All I want to know is what else do I need to make it all fit together from what it looks like ill need to swap to a different timing cover to make the mounting correct also the distributor doesn't seem to seal at all with my current timing cover so if anyone has any info on this topic a response would be very much appreciated thank you so much.
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