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  1. is it more of a convenience thing? like not having to sift through a bunch of info that doesnt apply to me? cause its a $100 difference haha
  2. anything Kill Rock Stars put out and pretty much anything from olympia at that time im fond of. Huge elliot smith fan. I love a little bit of everything but unwound is amazing. Polvo is another great technical and avant garde band of this era
  3. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WzBchB8JPYw
  4. so that exact one is what i found on ebay for at least $130 i sent an offer for $95 hoping i can snag it i found a different one that still seems to be from nissan heres the link to the other one. Is it gonna be the same thing pretty much? https://www.bonanza.com/items/add_item_to_cart_complete/619822215?offer_item_id=95388162
  5. foot in mouth, think i just found one for $25, ebay resellers are buggin
  6. curious where you are finding these FSM so cheap, the 1985 720 manuals by nissan that im finding online are like 100-200, currently scouring forums for pdf versions thanks for the starting points, im apartment living down here in socal so im gonna attempt to borrow a friends driveway this weekend. will update with pics
  7. Howdy Ratsun, I recently purchased a 1985 720 5 speed and slowly but surely am getting acquainted with the beast. I unfortunately do not have records of previous service but i do know that the engine, clutch, and transmission are the original, we are pushing about 215,000 miles. For the most part it runs great. However there are a few things that have caught my eye. Im in the beginning of my path to becoming "car literate" and want to start dipping my toes into simple maintenance and fixes that are newbie friendly. I also just bid on an original nissan manual for the same year and model to make things easier down the road. SO! It appears that its currently running a little rich, sometimes the car just turn offs (im not stalling it) it smells like gas sometimes and recently, when i turn it off in neutral the engine tries to stay one. Ive read that this can be remedied by turning the car off in gear but obviously id like to fix the bigger issue. additionally the other day after i filled up the tank it didnt want to stay on which has not happened to me yet. Ive also noticed the shifter is rather stiff. It full engages and disengages, and it doesnt spit back out at me i just really have to slam it in there , and 5th gear can be really difficult to find ( however i had a performance shifter on my last car so i might just be used to shorter movements) seeking newbie friendly projects also just down to get yall input before i take it to my guy to get looked at, hes going to be teaching me along the way and would like to have a good start point. Just want to go down the check list and try to do some things myself if they are too difficult! thanks in advance. will upload photos when im off work!
  8. looking for something other than JCCS. Monthly possibly? Have yet to take to facebook but wasnt seeing anything in these threads and i even popped over on reddit and didnt find anything up to date. Just want to meet other freaks like me, and learn a few things.
  9. hey! so im actually taking my 85 720 to my regular mechanic who used to do all the work on my honda. Ill let you know how he feels about working on it and send you his info if you are up for it, im down here in Los Angeles and hes located in the valley. im head over there today after work so ill update soon. outside of that my boss restores bugs for fun and im sure he has a good recommendation
  10. shes definitely up in Reno gambling that shit away. tragic. but we out here still, grateful for my little five speed. gonna take it to a friend to get it checked up and put in a kill switch on Wednesday
  11. God almighty feels good to be back. A few of you might have seen register and boast about my new to me red 1974 Datsun 620. I sent my mother money to pick it up in Northern California for me. Turns out she didn't purchase it and she went on a bender. but that's okay cause now I have a 1985 Nissan 720 to track her ass down with and nothing boutta stop me now 🤪 https://imgur.com/a/4P3Za6e Wayne "tits" Bibbs aka lil Wayne
  12. that's actually super helpful thank you so much!
  13. I look into it thank you!
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