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    Oh it's definitely an aftermarket damper. Going to remove it. Yeah, my drive to work is 45 miles one way. So a 5 speed would be nice.
  2. tad70


    Hello, new to the forum with a recent purchase a 1973 620. My plans for it are just to keep the way it is for as long as i can. I do plan on changing to a 5 speed trans. Aside from that its basically taking it apart to put back together. I have king pin kit on the way. whatever bushing i can find along with tie rods, center link and tie rod ends. A question that i do have is did these trucks come stock with a steering damper or is that more of an aftermarket kit? My truck has one but I don't know if that is a stock part. i researched it but can't find anything about it.
  3. tad70

    Pin holes

    So, I have several pin holes in my driver side floor. However, the floor feels very solid. Should I replace the floors or repair? How do I submit a picture,
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