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  1. ok everyone, there seems to be no interest in the truck. So the question I have for you is what is this truck worth? ill have it completely put back together in about 2 weeks and registered, i plan on parking it somewhere local with a for sale sign on it. what should i put on that sign?
  2. this is the truck the day i got it these are a few of when i was working on it i am in the high desert area of california, i may be able to deliver for the right price(within 300 miles or so) the price is $3200 or best offer thanks for looking everyone
  3. Well guys its been a long time, just been so busy at home. I an starting a new job and now need a 4x4 to get there so I am selling my 620. it is a 1973, has a l16 w a87 heads, 3 speed auto trans, was a short bed but i cut a long bed to put on it(so still long in the rear) i have had the truck 2 years and its been running for about a week(in the garage) i have a clear title in hand and it on a non opp. so lets start with the new parts or the ones i can remember, tires, rear brakes, pass rear wheel cylinder , radiator, trans cooler, fuel pump, alt belt, timing chain, head gasket kit, water pump, rebuilt stock carb, electric fan(installed just not wired), driver door mirror, wink rear view mirror(not installed), door popper kit(not installed), new rubber kit(front windshield, rear window, door seals, and channels) and a new master cylinder. ok so things i know it needs are headliner, carpet, front turn signal lens(both), drivers window(thanks to my son helping me work on the truck with a hammer, but i can find one if you want), and i think all the rest of the part are there just needs to be put on. if you have any question please email me at cands0823@gmail.com, as i am not on this site all that often. thanks guys craig this is the way the truck is as of today, but i have been working on it alot lately, so may be more completed door popper kit
  4. Craig

    620 bench seat

    Do you have a pict without the cover
  5. Craig

    Slot mag wheels

    I really like these rims, i just have to finish rebuilding my truck before i buy rims. good luck on the sale
  6. Craig

    Is nissan bringing back the Datsun?

    the dude working on this prototype is from germany, I think this would look good as a VW not Datsun.
  7. What do you think? http://www.carbodydesign.com/archive/2008/07/28-datsun-xlink-concept/
  8. Craig

    l20b parts

    if his wont work out i have a parts truck(77 620 w/L20b) with those parts. just pm me after hello710 get back to you.
  9. Craig

    L20 lower alt bracket

    hey i have one on my parts truck. let me check shiping prices but how is $10 plus shiping & paypal fees sound? please pm me if your interested.
  10. Craig

    The Red Restoration

    Ok today I put together the motor, new head gasket, water pump, timing chain and all (thanks to Hainz, good video http://www.guba.com/...own-and-Rebuild) cleaned up and painted the front cover. here are the pictures, and I know i am going to pull the valve cover and redo it.
  11. Craig

    1972 truck slip yoke

    Hey I also have a 4speed trans in my 77 parts truck, if it has what you need
  12. Craig

    1972 truck slip yoke

    are you talking about just the center or the rear end? if so i have one off my 73, just pm me if thats what you need
  13. Craig

    tattoo party in so-cal

    you can check out his work at www.myspace.com/frodoart, its my wifes friends bf.
  14. Ok so here is the deal, i am having a tattoo party tomorrow in victorville ca, sat the 13, from 11am untell everyone is done. the cost is $50 and that include any tatt you want that will take 30 to 60 mins. also like i said i will pay for your rat and wrenches tatt if you bring 3 people, or spend $150 on tatts. so if your local send me a pm or text and let me know(760)684-5515
  15. Craig

    510 wagon stuff and elephant oil caps

    ill take an oil cap. Pm sent

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