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  1. wow that was scary the last day or two it like coming home from school to find out your family moved and didnt tell you i was thinking now who am i gonna ask all these questions, great to see were back on
  2. got that smog device out today the flange nuts and the tubes where so fragile they broke off the metal was made of a soft type metal so i couldnt bend them so what i ended up doing because the metal was so soft i took self tapping bolts and screwed them in looks good so thanks to you all for the knowledge and support
  3. katfish

    bench seat rails

    very nice job, looks like better than factory right down to the pedals on floor 👍
  4. Time Left: 1 day and 22 hours

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    in need of rear tail lights for 1971 datsun 521 seen the stuff from ebay would like the original lights if out there and plugs to if available thanx


    - US

  5. its a 1971 521 im a little slow on the up take (me) not the car so much but ill get the plugs and slow walk the info, is there a filter that goes on that pcv ill keep you posted thanks for the pictures and info
  6. that pic would surely help if you can find it but if not what needs to be plugged for it to idle correctly
  7. going to the well once again my 1971 521 is a transplant from calif had all the smog devices, Ive removed the pump but there are still hoses and pipes that once had hoses on them manly the exhaust manifold I need to know what can i remove and what needs to stay or be plugged Thanks
  8. another satisfied member worked like a charm the blue and red wire was the problem cleaned the wire harness and i got wipers now thans again for the info ratsun family rocks and as soon as i can get one of my kids to show me how to up loads some pics ill post them
  9. roger that ! appreciate info ill give that a try
  10. i ripped the heater out and just put all new fuses in block no power to any wires coming out of switch side all fuses are working
  11. good day ratsun family having a problem with my wipers i read a old thread on how to test the motor, motor works with jumper wires but no power from plug back to switch ,could be switch could be operator error need some ideas to burning alot of brain matter ... --- ...
  12. thanks for the info think ill taker a look at those momo trying to stay original on most things and save up for the most important things wouldnt mind a 521 if i could find one cheap much obliged
  13. fancv and i like it 🎯
  14. hi ratsun family i inherited a 1971 521 truck and the steering wheel is roached out looking for ideas on a after market one that is interchangeable and not to expensive thanks
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