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    salem oregon
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    1970 521 pick-up
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    i work with dissabled kids in a group home
  1. foxarelly

    70 521 for sale

    Im lookin to sell my 70 521... l18 4 speed, 17 inch caddy wheels new taneucover runs great i have a set of black bucket seats for it ...1500.00 obo!!! you can call me at 971-218-2712 or text!!
  2. foxarelly

    tranny questions

    will this work in my 521 and bolt up to my l18sale-tuw89-1856588244@craigslist.org
  3. foxarelly

    what is this weird thing?

    my flasher can bolts to the column its not in a holder!!
  4. foxarelly

    Blue lake show

    Man i wanna go but not sure the truck will make it!!!
  5. foxarelly


    then i seen this one at
  6. foxarelly


    got a couple sightings seen this one first on my way to work
  7. foxarelly

    Any metal heads?

    i see pickles back there playin his douche bag drums......lol
  8. foxarelly

    Any metal heads?

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MOr0qFFrJHc THIS IS MY BAND REGIMENT 26!!!
  9. foxarelly

    pic of your truck

  10. foxarelly

    Any metal heads?

    im the light guy!!!
  11. foxarelly

    Any metal heads?

  12. foxarelly

    Any metal heads?

    Damn right im a metal head my band is playin SUMMER SLAUGHTER this year!!!
  13. foxarelly

    521 seat options

    alright everyone im looking for some seat ideas for my 521!! whatcha got for me???
  14. foxarelly

    found a 521

    i just had a simmilar deal a 71 521 for 300 in vancouver put a battery in it and drive it home but no place to keep it!!
  15. foxarelly

    poker run

    the way ive always done them is everyone meet up, you get a set of directions that lead you to the first stop. at every stop you get a card and there is a challenge! 5 stops total then there are prizes for best hand and for each challenge then for overall!! we could get some places to donate prizes and if we charge a few bucks have the overall be a prize and some cash!!.....just a thought!!

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