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  1. ill post them as soon as i get back in town
  2. To late now lol already replaced 2/3 of the rust with new sheet metal
  3. In the back yard? Or the truck?
  4. I need the super rusty bit Anyone have? Or know where I can get it.
  5. Looks like it fits just fine for my application had to relocate the mounts but I would say it’s perfect but it’s not wide enough tbh.
  6. oh and about the brakes i already have that covered i have a whole d21 pars truck that is my suspension donor and Sheetmetal donor for the truck. truck allready has the rearend from the d21 witch has the lsd from the pathfinder and will be swapping the rest out when my new floor pans get here and i get them welded up and pull the cab
  7. anyone know where i can get thew (bar) under the grill /behind the bumper its a welded on peice under these if some can explain to me how to post a pic i will
  8. That’s the thing it has the l motor in it hood was off of the truck for 10 years before I got it. And if you can break the motor free you can have it Secondly I’ve decided on the 3800 and yes at factory parts and with obs 1 they only make 180-300 home how’ever you may set them up. but with -cam -turbo/supercharger -springs -micro squirt ecu -forged rods and pistons -and the removal of the balance shaft they can comfortably make 5-600. It’s about knowing how to build your car and tune it and if it wasn’t for the truck having sentimental value and also being rare in my area I would but I got it to build not to throw together if this was about looking pretty and shiny I would have got a Porsche 911 or a 69 nova
  9. Ok so be got a ‘76 620 I’m looking at 4 swap options I am looking at. LQ9 ls 6.0L. (Already have and would think it would work good)(gas mileage not so much) gm 3800 (already have and measurements are spot on so it will fit)(better gas millage can be turboed for cheap)(also have supercharger for) 4.3 vortex (very reliable cheap (don’t have but have many parts for).( Can fit with a little shoe horning)( 17-25 mpg) k20a4 honda motor (don’t have but power for fuel economy is the best) has a great community for sourcing problems I’ve owned a few will fit with a trans adapter would like any and all feed back not doing a ka24de because mo powa baby but this is a full build truck as most of the truck is rusted away Thanks yall
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