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  1. I was just doing it to try and eliminate the problem while diagnosing this spark problem. If this problem still persists with the stock part what would be the next steps edit: works good with the old coil.
  2. Yes I have the coil that was originally in the car. This one is a (only the best quality lol) car quest one. I was thinking of just switching back to the old one and running it and then turning it off and trying to start it again and see if it’s just the shitty aftermarket one.
  3. yep you’re completely right. Thy explains why it randomly started with no changed because it was the first time trying to start it that day. So am I just forced to carry around a spare coil with me everywhere i go(which i have but a little annoying)
  4. yeah i grounded the valve cover to the firewall. All of the connections i made were soldered and secured to their specific places. So I wouldn’t think it would be on my end. The coil and HEI are getting 12+ volts, the hei is still grounded Could it be ignition switch related? or is that not how these trucks do it none of the wires seem messed up and all of the plugs looked good. I unplugged them and looked for corrosion and there wasn’t any apart from the ignition switch had some but i cleaned that off. All of the plugs seemed secure but i unplugged and plugged them all back in Not sure if this has anything to do with anything but i thought i may mention and i just remember that this was a california truck so it had the california emissions that have been delete from it but that was 8 months ago done by the previous owner
  5. welp sadly i spoke too soon. She started up fine and i started to go up the driveway and realized my headlights weren’t working so i stopped at the top of the driveway to fix that. Go to start it and no spark again. nothing coming from the coil
  6. yep that’s the one, do you know where that plugs into?
  7. I went to go turn on my headlights and when i slightly pulled the knob the whole knob along with the wire on the back side pulled out as well. I was wondering where that black cable on the backside runs to?
  8. Thank you both so much for your help these last few days I never would have been able to do this without you guys. Now i’ll just solder everything up, make some looms and go enjoy this truck. Again thank you guys so much
  9. Welp don’t ask me how but the truck is running. Literally I changed nothing from what I left it as last night and was just testing a ton of things and had a friend crank the motor over while I tested spark from the coil having the center wire slightly away from it. And boom the truck starts up
  10. How do you go about checking for spark from the center coil wire?
  11. so i remembered my power probe from work and i just double checked everything and realized my negative side of the coil currently has 12.4 b, same as the positive side. the HEI is grounded by being bolted to a piece of aluminum that is then bolted to the body and does have ground confirmed. Yes the coil is marked - and +. Terminal B has 12.4 v. There was a wire coming off of the - going to the chassis but didn’t see any pictures of anyone else having one so i removed it just to give as much info as possible.
  12. same result as before. and again i flipped the red and green wires and no difference. My only concern about this distributor is that it’s slightly longer by a few millimeters so I don’t know how much that would change. It’s still grounded and still turns the rotor over but I’m not too sure what to try next. I can give distributor numbers if that helps at all.
  13. what’s a trigger pulse again? I can’t quite remember
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