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  1. shota_m

    My 620 flatbed!

    Yeah I’m coming to think this was definitely done by a third party at some point. Thank you!
  2. shota_m

    My 620 flatbed!

    Awesome! Thank you for the tips and helpful information! I didn't notice a drain plug from when I glanced down there. I must've looked at the wrong angle or something haha. Seems like a simple job so I'll probably get that done next.
  3. shota_m

    My 620 flatbed!

    Wow! Thank you so much for all the useful information. When I reseal the oil pan I'll get the Shell Rotella T4 to fill it back up. For the differential, I have only visually looked at it and saw there was lot of gunk on it. So I'll clean it off with brake cleaner and observe for a little bit and see if its actually leaking or if its just dirt from the road. Also, I noticed on the differential that the cover to open it up is on the front side of it. So the side facing the front of the truck. In order to dump all the current oil in there would I have to disconnect driveshaft to be able to get it cracked open? I'll dig deeper into the forums to see if someone already has a writeup for it, but I thought maybe if you had some extensive knowledge on it that might be even more helpful.
  4. shota_m

    My 620 flatbed!

    Hello all! I'm a new member to the forums but I've been here before with my previous datsuns. A couple weeks ago I picked up my 1979 Datsun 620 with a flatbed conversion here in Seattle WA. Not too sure if it's factory or if converted after market. Regardless the conversion seems to have been done very well and its very sturdy. Things that have been done it: -Weber 32/36 conversion -Straight pipe with a cherry bomb exhaust (Need to get a better muffler as there is so much drone) -Flatbed conversion with wood sides -Previous owner had the head redone apparently Here are some things I have done on it so far: -Oil change -New alternator with OEM spec 35 amp alternator -New battery (550 CCA) Things I need to do still: -investigate the cause of some sort of leak in the rear of the oil pan gasket. (Prob just need to reseal the oil pan) -Do a diff flush and reseal -Tranny service with new fluids -Timing chain tensioner possibly (Been hearing a lot of chatter on decel mainly) -Brake rotors need to be resurfaced (front) -Rear drum shoes prob need replacing soon too I have attached what I ultimately want to do to the truck so hopefully I can follow through with it! haha Thanks for reading! This is what I want it to look like in some way shape or form. ⬇️ I do 3D modelling and renderings so I have been trying to visualize the end goal haha
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