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    vg30 id numbers

    hey just need to know where to look for the id number/serial number is on a vg30 it was out of a mid 80's 300zx turbo Thanks
  2. Grahem

    1980 720 4x4

    cool let me know when there out and you figure out shipping Thanks again Grahem
  3. Grahem

    1980 720 4x4

    $50 plus shipping? hopefully the drivers side is salvagable, mines missing lol.
  4. Grahem

    1980 720 4x4

    how much for the front cv's? shipped to V9L-5W8 (canada)? Thanks Grahem
  5. your keeping the victoria datsun dealer licence plate frame right
  6. thanks hang_510 just what i was looking for
  7. ok does anyone know the hieght of the l-16 collar? ive got some random ones kicking around as well
  8. what is the correct collar to use with an l-16 and a 4 speed (long tail) trans the engine and clutch are from a 73 620 and the trans is from a 75 620. I have a collar from a 4 speed l20b a 4 speeed z22 and a 5 speed z24, unfortunatly i dont have the one that matches the l16 anymore, hopefully one of these will work.
  9. a guy named scott in mill bay, i will tell him about the site
  10. $400 firm all 3 trucks by the end of january
  11. shocker i will try and get pics, which one do you want? mike i will keep you in mind.
  12. not at the moment trying to keep all 3 rolling for now
  13. Hey mike i found the package with the paperwork from the previous owner, and its led me to believe he was the second owner, as he recorded the milage when he got the car at 14355 miles plus 18892 miles so i m thinking the speedo was replaced at 18892 the records i have start at in 93. PM your address and i will send this info your way.
  14. Lol that oils the same as when i got it 2 or 3 years ago, its good to hear you made it home and that it was fairly trouble free. As for engine /trans its an L-18 A87 with a 3 speed auto
  15. Hey Mike the car is ready to go, shot the tires up and threw a bit of fresh gas/stabilizer in the tank, seems to be running better. One thing you should bring/buy is new wiper blades the old ones are completely shot. anyways give me a shout when your headed down and il meet ya at the shop
  16. The green 620 could have been erics he lives in naniamo and still had the truck last time i talked to him. I have a 620 king cab project for sale on vancouver island, heres a link http://www.usedvictoria.com/classified-ad/10626395
  17. sounds good mike im done school thursday so i will be back in town thursday afternoon, just let me know whens a good time to come down and il get the car started up and out of the alley for ya.
  18. Mike that sounds like a great home for the 710
  19. that dash is in nice shape, much better than mine, are you coming down island any time soon? What are your plans for the 710, like it says in the ad i realy just want it to go to a good home.
  20. hey mike im sure we could work out some sort of trade, im assuming thats you on the van isle site? if so what year is the 620 dash? and is the L24E distributor compatable with a L-24 in a 240z? and i would love to get my hands on another matchbox L20b distributor, one of mine is held together with silicon. thanks Grahem
  21. Yeah its at my place, i had it inside for one winter then outside last winter and im being forced to downsize a bit, so i would like to pass it on to someone that wants to restore it. I dont think i know the Little's but im not great with names.
  22. http://www.usedcowichan.com/classified-ad/10734306
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