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  1. nothing in particular, just dont want to see any parts thrown out
  2. let me know whats left that u dont need when your done stripping it, maybe i can give you back some money in exchange for spares for my car
  3. np i was tempted to swap the tail lights with my car those ones are in much better shape. with some fresh gas that 1000 should run.
  4. Grahem

    My first project!!!

    well Laura is determined to make it to the all jap car show this year in Victoria so after changing the rad and tie rod ends, and bleeding out the rear brakes the truck should be able to make it down, now we just have to bolt the fenders and temp hood on. Fenders Temp valence
  5. how is one side rusted so badly? My cars front fenders are relatively equally rotten lol. http://community.ratsun.net/topic/3656-70-1000/
  6. its back together now, contemplating putting a weld on each hinge, thanks for the offer Ricky i managed to scrounge up some bolts.
  7. its back together now, contemplating putting a weld on each hinge, thanks for the offer Ricky i managed to scrounge up some bolts.
  8. lol thats a nice tailgate tho the one on my trailer was dented and a bit rusty it also had 3 or 4 layers of paint, if it were a spare and some one needed it i would have given it away. ps so are you going to hang that one on the wall in your house? would make for interesting conversations.
  9. thanks in all honesty i have another blue 620 tailgate i can bolt on, just pisses me off that i have to dig it out and mount it.
  10. yep worst part is its likely a datsun owner why else would they take the hardware with them
  11. my datsun 620 trailer was left overnight at princess auto in langford on friday april 19 2013. at some point some one who has a datsun 620 stole the tailgate and bolts that attach the chains. I want it back so if anyone hears anything please let me know. thanks Grahem. bad pic but it shows the color. gblasko@hotmail.com
  12. Is this the one that was out by the Victoria airport?
  13. good to hear its treating you well.
  14. so far i haven't had to, but if you jack it up and support the frame with jack stands and let the axle hang from the springs it looks do-able lol
  15. not yet its kinda ugly, heres the back side tho
  16. 75 620 short box RV
  17. hey do you have a source for wheel cylinders?
  18. gyro park is the only ongoing show that i know of i will be there with a couple of my trucks and hopefully my 1000
  19. well the parts car and a couple extras are now all yours, if there is any trouble with the paperwork just let me know and i can sign whatever is needed for you.
  20. here is what I started with got my car running and moved back, then dollied/ pallet jacked the parts car out by this time I was alone at my shop but I wanted to get the car outside so I had to improvise a bit
  21. well im losing some of my shop space so the parts 1000 has been sold to derrick, its nice to know its going to a good home. As for my original car it had been sitting since 2010 and the brakes had locked up, i primed the carb and put a good battery in and it fired right up, I love this little car. I will post some pics of moving the parts car later tonight, space was tight so i got creative.
  22. the grey truck has been around, lots of bodywork and if its still running the same engine its got to be tired by now
  23. it fits well just need a shifter boot. the seats are stock 78 620 buckets from a 620 rv
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