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  1. lol i only paid $50 for the car back in 2004 when no one wanted it and it was going to go for scrap, i think ill be holding on to it for a while its been pretty good to me considering the little bit of work ive done. I did notice the clutch slave for a 1200 will not work i need one with both bolt holes on the same side.
  2. i dont think jb weld holds up to gas well, i have however seen 2 part epoxy made for gas tank repair it seemed to hold ok on my 4 dr chevette
  3. yep its all stock original with 74xxx miles, thanks for the info, hopefully i can get the parts without much trouble Grahem
  4. hey i have a 1970 datsun 1000 deluxe, in desperate need of rear brake cylinders (at least one) and a proper clutch slave cylinder (has a 620 one now but i can only use one bolt). Would you happen to know of a source for these parts? or if i can cross them over to a more common car? thanks for your help
  5. the wire in the second pis is your body ground wire if i remember correctly, it goes under one of the rad mounting bolts and should be grounded before you try to start your truck again
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