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  1. That is a beautiful car! Both the design of the original car And all the work and detail you have put into it ;-} I'm guessing you have not driven it since you added all the sound deadding. I would be curious to know how well that works and will try to remember to ask when we see the next road video.
  2. Would anyone care to take a guess at the color code for paint on the this truck? I'm not having any luck asking the truck... Don't want to order custom rattle cans without more certainty. My best guess is Code 217 - Eggnog. Does that mean I have to name the truck Chris Crinkle or Saint Nick, at least until I fix the dents and scratches ;-} in case it helps - here is where the code came from - https://paintref.com/cgi-bin/colorcodedisplaym.cgi?model=Datsun&con=o&year=1979&rows=200
  3. Looks like a sweet find even if the engine wasn't as advertised. Looking forward to seeing how creative you get with it ;-}
  4. Thought I would post some sacrilege 2016 - 2019 Toyota Tacoma rims. 16x8 25 ET on a '79. I think they tuck pretty good. Loaded the bed with firewood and it's close but no rub. it'll look a little better when I get the front lowered... but it's a slow build ;-}
  5. I just hopped back on this thread after seeing more info in Lockleaf's Half Pint build. I didn't get that the 'spring' was the whole piece with the hole included. I'm going to search for some shifters and give this a try. Thanks for the further explanation of your extending the ball trick. Essentially the same as a shift kit, even if it doesn't go 'snick snick' when shifting ;-}
  6. Thanks Lockleaf - will do ;-}
  7. EV's are far less dangerous as far as the FEDs are concerned ;-} Right up until you grab the wrong wire... More Pics, 'cause we all love looking at Datsuns! Engine bay is pretty stock and fairly clean I was checking out the Big Red build and realized I have a cylinder pressure tester stashed somewhere. Going to try finding that and testing this weekend. Interior is... to be expected. Also found out it leaks water into the cab. Time for the 4th car port tent ;-} I've watched a couple of videos where guys use spackle with white gorilla glue mixed in to repair the dash, then 'frock' it. The car was made in the 70's but I'm not sure i want the dash looking like a shag carpet with a shave. Anyone tried such a technique? Did you like the results? (haven't searched that here yet but I will) ... and the scary part The PO was a little too safety conscience I think. Hope that strip of aluminum isn't hiding complete nastiness. Didn't get to meet the PO as he had passed. Reason for the sale. I believe he owned this for ever and cared for it himself. The guy running the estate sale (son?) was talking to someone else and while I waited I spied a 7" grinder on the ground. When he turned to me i asked if the grinder went with the car. He said sure, and do I want to go look in the garage for more freebes? There was about 50 years of car stuff and tools in there, and just as I started looking my girlfriend walks in and says 'it's getting late, we need to hit the road'. That was about the toughest 'yes dear' I ever uttered. My neighbor is an long time hot rodder and I'm going to get him to help me fill in the holes where the lights were added. At least the PO missed drilling the D and N.
  8. There was a company, EVWest, that was converting unique 2 speed automatic for use in EV conversions. Most conversion motors are lower voltage (144v and less), and therefor lower power. The two speed helps with that. It had an electric pump to supply the fluid pressure to operate because when the car stops in an EV, the motor stops - no fluid pressure. You can connect an EV motor direct. When you stop the motor stops too. The leaf motor is 360v and has about 120hp and a whole ton of torque starting at 1 RPM. First gear would be fun ;-} Hence wanting to connect it to the 5speed. Saw a thread earlier about shifters. That was the first thing I did on my truck. Replace the bushings and the little dust boot on the shifter. Soooo much better. I also bought a pair of '01 Forester leather seats that I think will be easier to bolt in (fingers crossed). Just bought new upper and lower control arm bushings along with new rubber for the sway bar ;-}
  9. One of the first things I did on my recent 620 purchase was get a pushing and pin set from eBay, and the small rubber boot that attaches to the trany itself. Waaay different. Still need to find the body to shift lever boot and a replacement for the leather boot. Mike, you mentioned flipping a spring in the later design to get a shorter through. Looks to me like the holes for the pin are in the metal and I don't see how that would work. Can you explain better and give an example of where that later shifter comes from? That sounds like a good 'shift kit', like Veraciousreasoning was asking about ;-}
  10. The teslas have a gear reduction similar to a Leaf; about 9.7 to 1. It would be sweet to just stuff the rear subframe from an S under the back ;-} Mod the frame like the Porty's Chop Shop vids. That guy (who I could only imagine is on here somewhere) put 240SX sub frames under his 620 and had to redo the entire back end. There are plans for an adapter plate that incorporates a special bearing and coupler that takes loads off the motor output shaft. Finding something that has a roughly 9:1 reduction would be there trick... KA would cost less then that im sure.
  11. I drove a '96 F250 that ran on used veggie oil for about 90k miles. in '04 it was easy to get veggie oil. Now not so much. I also followed builds for a set of plans that sounds like what you're talking about. The XR3. A three cylinder Kubota driving the front two wheels, and one electricaly driven wheel in the back. 125mpg. And then there is the https://www.aptera.us/ One would definitely get attention driving one of these.
  12. NOOO - I did not hear that! La la la la la la la ;-} My vanagon has been down for over 2 years with the motor ('05 WRX) sitting on a stand. Blew one motor because a $3 part let go. JDM replacement and it ate 2 turbos before I found the pencil eraser sized oil filter in the turbo oil supply line. Then it started overheating and I put it under a car port tent. *Plan* to fix that this winter.
  13. Thanks Datz ;-} The Leaf has no gears other than a 7.9 or so reduction and I know it would weigh more than a 620, even with a battery on the truck. I like the idea of gears though. And I thought it would be less expensive to connect it to the 5 speed than it would be to come up with a reduction. I also thought of opening the stock gear case on the Leaf and welding the spiders then using just one output shaft to connect to a driveshaft. Something would break in that set up though. The L20 runs smooth and starts easy. I think it will last a long time with only maintenance. Gonna stick with that for now. And I'll check out Icehouse's build just for fun. And more pictures to come!
  14. By way of hello I thought I would start a build post. I would like it to be a fast build, but Time does not give me a break as much as it use too. Around 1986 I bought a '78 KC and loved it. Right up until the time I stuffed it into the Alma overpass trying to make the turn from Page Mill in Palo Alto. Forgot that there was always a puddle there. Now I'm thinking about making an EV and the 620 seemed like a perfect starting place. Though a KA would be a lot easier... Bought it in July from an estate sale in Mount Vernon WA. The body has a bunch of little dings but it's a solid driver and mostly stock. Save for the two big holes the PO drilled in the tail gate for extra brake lights. I have a friend with a complete Leaf drive train for sale, and two complete Leaf batteries that have some life left in them. Connecting the Leaf motor to the stock 5 speed is not so easy though. Think I'm going to hold off on the EV part and just work on the truck for now. Replace as much of the suspension bushings I can find replacements for, better brakes, interior refresh, do the best paint touch up I can with color matched rattle cans, rip off the massive rear bumper deck, but... First things first - Rims ;-} 2016 Toyota Tacoma 16x8 with 25 offset. They tuck just about right. I've got Belltech 2" blocks on the rear but have not got to drop the front yet. Need to figure out center caps that say Datsun. Found aftermarket caps with no name that said they would fit, but no go. If anyone has rear glass for sale somewhere between Seattle and PDX let me know. It's got a cheese slider with a Plexiglas repair.
  15. I don't know the answer, but I would be interested to know what Poly bushing you end up using. Just starting a sloooow build of a 79KC.
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