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  1. Thanks for all the info Mike!
  2. YAAASSSSSS!! This is driving GOALS for me! One of my friends has a picture lifting the front inside tire of his ACR Viper 🤤
  3. Welp.... pulled the head today and found this dropped valve seat. It doesn't look beat up, and I'm told it was a running engine so it must have literally just happened. From what I've read hardened steel is the way to go, any input or advice from you guys?
  4. This was back in 2011 - We drove to the show together, pulled into the Berglund dealership on Williamson Rd across from Breckinridge and they pointed my dad to the front row along the street and sent me and the z to the back gravel lot 🤣 It was good year for muscle I was up there this year too, parked on the lawn in front of Breckinridge and watched the cars go by
  5. This is in Virginia where I grew up. Drove the z from Jax up there for a pretty big annual car show/cruise, you may have heard of it: Star City Motor Madness
  6. Yea man! I've only driven it once, and I heard his voice in my head threatening me the whole time so I didn't really get on it too much 🤣 but its still ALOT of car And it does not have wing windows.. The rears do roll down and its completely open (no B-pillar)
  7. Daddy & daughter rides.. my dad's goat and my first z32 ready to roll out to a car show
  8. So it's about time I started this to keep all my progress and upgrades in one place. Bought a 74 620, great body but not running and was told it was because of a carb issue.. Got the truck home and popped open the valve cover and found SEVERELY gouged camshaft (presumed oil starvation) on the stock L16 and started the search for an engine. Found a l20b and have been tearing it down to go through and refresh. Planning to stay with the internally regulated alternator already mounted on the l20b, trying to decide if I want to go EI or just buy a points dizzy and be done with it for now. I don't fully understand the EI conversion yet so that's still a work in progress. I've also got a NOS FS5W71B 5spd trans I'm planning to use, and I need to figure out what size flywheel and clutch kit I'll need. Already bought a KA24e oil pump, front crank seal, rear main seal, and timing chain kit. QUESTION: The lower thermostat housing has something that resembles an electrical connector that on both engines (the L16 and L20b) is cut. I think I read this was a temp sensor of sorts for a dual points system, is this correct? And is it necessary to repair/replace or can I leave it as is?
  9. Along the same lines, but not a render. This is by far one of my favorite cars of all time.
  10. Right, it's a .22LR And it is absolutely my favorite gun, so much fun to shoot and CHEAP to shoot too! I've put over 2000rds through it and I'm talking "Bucket of bullets" GARBAGE ammo and it has only jammed up once.
  11. My little best friend and her first shoot with my S&W M&P 15-22
  12. My Fairlady - 89 JDM z32TT 2+2
  13. These came with my 620. I haven't found much about them online besides they're vintage Lodio Drive wheels.. I'm stoked to get some rubber on 'em and see how they look!
  14. I don't think the pilots would appreciate if my line crew wore bikinis.. 🤢
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