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  1. kinda dead sub but might as well keep posting driver side part of the latch to the hatch just rusted off so not sure if im gonna be driving it much until i learn to weld to fix it.
  2. well im not sure, in the end i want to end up with a look like this pic, so i thought 14s with a low profile tire would fit good with just a little modding, im guessing it would fit better with low profile tires and 14s?
  3. its fixed now, there were some lines that got unplugged, got some fresh lines and tighten down some bolts that shouldn't of been that loose, but it runs perfect now, thank you for all the help!πŸ‘
  4. ill have to start tinkering on it when i get home laterπŸ‘
  5. what are the chances, im looking into changing my locks. i would assume general model nissan style would fit but just want to make sure... https://www.ebay.com/itm/154657259172
  6. OEM Honeycomb hubcaps, not the coolest on here but they still look good.
  7. well i was able to quickly check this morning, took off the top of the air cleaner and looked down in there and the flap was open so i pumped the gas a couple times and it closed, I (currently) dont daily it so i had no time to start and see if it helped or stayed shut. will have to check better later today when in not on a time crunch.
  8. i will have to see in the morning, there's no back fire through the carb. ill update if the flap closes or not tomorrow...
  9. Its getting cold where I live now and my b210 is misfiring/rich on cold start, its fine after it warms up. I've seen people say running rich in cold weather in normal? Is it normal? could that be causing the misfire? what could be causing the misfire?
  10. finally got it, had to try a couple of apps but it seems Imgur works best
  11. My b210 came with all the louvers, ive seen a few with the back window louvers but ive never seen one with the rear side window louvers. Was it a rare option? im trying to get a flickr acc set up right now but im on school wifi so its near impossible so small pictures for now until later today
  12. yea i still have trouble posting images. I image seached it then pasted the image, i tried to make it bigger but it didnt work. i have no idea what im doing lmaoπŸ˜‚
  13. pics i got down at the park

    Dash top

    found a cheaper option. https://www.americandashcaps.com/datsun/1974-78-datsun-b210-dash-cap.html

    Dash top

    EBay - Dash Cap Fits 1974 - 1978 Nissan / Datsun B210 All I can find, pricey but 2nd hand ones are pretty hard to find in good condition.
  16. good point yea, it sounded mechanical, but still i should have pulled over to take a look now that i think about it.
  17. yea i saw that and even as a newbie i was confused how you need to replace the radiator after 3-4 years, never heard of something like that on a stock car lol.
  18. srry a lot going on rn, it was just a little, it really seemed like a mechanical buzz but im not sure, i had a passenger, it was a "hot" day for October, maybe mid 70s maybe 80s, and just a small incline, after the "buzz" i put in 5th and cruised at around 40 and it cooled down.
  19. was driving how from a family visit and the temp started to slowly climb but just put it in 5th and kept going and it cooled a bit, was a little weird, its an old car so its bound to happen sometimes but its still the first time its ever got that hot, had to go up a smallish hill and it had to work a little harder I guess and at one point it must have gotten a little too hot and made a buzz noise type thing, not sure how to explain it, was this a thing Datsun put in the b210 as a warning?

    cheap lowering

    been looking online on a relatively cheap lowering methods for my B210. i remember hearing that 1200 front shock absorbers are an easy way, something about trimming the strut hole and they fit right in. then the rear I've hear is just a lowering block or two. end plan is to fit a set of Konig Rewinds just looking for some more expert advise.πŸ™‚ Im dumb and cant figure out how to insert a pic but it seems just copy and paste works? idk saw this pic and i fell in love with it. file:///media/fuse/drivefs-3b94a27c1f281da0005c1708f0aedd58/root/PB060172.jpg
  21. sick, ill have to go take a look later and get them!πŸ‘
  22. is there any cheap and easy and maybe even some D.I.Y ways to increase horsepower on a A14? Recently picked up a 1978 Datsun b210gx, its super fun to drive but its quite slow.
  23. well good to know its a common leak.πŸ˜„ when i first got it got the rockers adjusted, just got new spark plugs for it, and still on the look-out for fresh wires/cap/rotor/etc. thank you for all the help!πŸ˜€
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