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  1. sick, ill have to go take a look later and get them!πŸ‘
  2. is there any cheap and easy and maybe even some D.I.Y ways to increase horsepower on a A14? Recently picked up a 1978 Datsun b210gx, its super fun to drive but its quite slow.
  3. well good to know its a common leak.πŸ˜„ when i first got it got the rockers adjusted, just got new spark plugs for it, and still on the look-out for fresh wires/cap/rotor/etc. thank you for all the help!πŸ˜€
  4. Yea im still new to this lol, good to know the engine is that reliable. it does leak a bit of oil out of the back side of the valve cover, got a brand new gasket and made sure its down tight enough, but it runs like a dream.
  5. My first carπŸ˜ƒ 1978 Datsun b210gx! haven't done much to it yet, removed big old bumpers, new spark plugs, side exit exhaust, OEM tachometer off Ebay (originally didn't have one), and replaced valve cover gasket. plan on lowering it an inch or two and putting some retro JDM wheels on. would be cool to sr swap too. more pics to come. (Im new at this so give me a breakπŸ™‚)
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