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  1. Keep me posted cuz id like in on this also! Lol. And just for my info does the 411 and 520 use the same windshield?
  2. I have a 66 520, I bought with an L20b in it. Wiper motor is still in and no hole in the hood either. Well untill I bodydrop it ofcoyrse! Lol
  3. Thanks for the info yall. How bout maybe a b210 rearend? Jus tryin to collect as much info as possible. Thank you again
  4. Prolly a stupid question but does anyone know if a 510 strait axle rear is roughly the same width as a 411 rearend? Thanks for any info
  5. jus trying to get an idea who all from everett north is gonna meet up with us at the old top foods across from the everett mall? dont wanna leave anyone behind! lol
  6. anyone else thats not goin to canby wanna meet up with us in everett sunday morning?
  7. im thinkin 9 -9:30. and i was thinkin bout takin bothell-everett hwy the whole way, cuz this will be my 520s maiden voyage since ive gotten her so im tryin to take it easyish! lol.
  8. How bout the old top foods across from everett mall?
  9. im goin who wants to meet up from the northend and caravan to this? hit me up!
  10. I'm might be down. I gotta do a lil more work onda 520 first tho
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