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  1. I like to use a rebuild kit, because then I can take all the gaskets off, and clean everything, and not have to worry about being really care full to save all the gaskets. It's just smarter in my opinion to get a rebuild kit, and completely disassemble, and re assemble, with new gaskets, diaphragm, needle and ball, and all that, to just refresh the carb fully, without trying to find a new one. Especially because this truck has sat for a bit. And I can see that the gaskets will be Crusty if I go to take it apart
  2. Then I guess that narrows it down, I need a rebuild kit for a 71 L16 carb, is there a certain number attributed to these carbs? And it's not a carb off a 180b right? cause I found a post about someone with one, and it looked really close, and my carb has 180 stamped on the side
  3. The J13 didn't have a carburetor solenoid?
  4. Alright, I hadn't looked to closely into it, my brother is the one that told me it's an electronic choke, I currently have the solenoid unplugged I just realized, I should probably plug it back in before I get to far with stuff 😂😂 it's currently wired to the little box underneath the ignition coil, is that fine? I'm guessing that's the part that turn off and on when you turn the ignition?
  5. Just a general update, I posted pictures of the carb
  6. Here's a better view of the logo
  7. They got saved as motion photos, so I fixed it, here they are, it also says 180 on the left side of the bowl, and has a weird emblem on the right side
  8. I have some photos, but apparently they are too large to upload, so I'm thinking it's no electronic choke, maybe it electric throttle advance? Cause the wires go to a solenoid, that is on the right side of the carb (facing the front of the truck) but they don't go anywhere else, but the diaphragm for the throttle (to open the second cylinder, is right behind the solenoid
  9. I'm sorry, I thought I better mentioned, it's not the factory carb, I was told it was the later style, and I'm trying to find a rebuild kit. It has electronic and manual choke
  10. So, to go the road of doing a side draft, what am I looking at? New intake, the carb/carbs. Probably new peddle linkage and brackets. If you don't know, who should I get in contact with to figure it out?
  11. You can still post pics on phone. I just learned that the other day. So long as it's downloaded to your phone, via camera, screenshot, or just straight download. I think I'll look into those. I just googled them, besides the fact that they look like motorcycle carbs, (cause they pretty much are from what I can tell) they look like they can be pretty cool. Doesn't Webber make side draft carbs? It just sounds familiar. Correction, they do, alot of the time they are on old Italian cars, and some early American sports race cars, like the Shelby Cobra.
  12. Alright, I don't plan on this truck being used for truck things, I wanna get back into the car meet scene, and figured a "JDM" mini truck was a good idea, (while this specific truck is not technically JDM, Datsuns in general are typically still seen as such). So I plan to make it look good, sound good, and once I've got the money, make it powerfully enough to atleast spin the tires, maybe one day donuts, or even light drifting/power slides.
  13. Some SUs? I don't know the term.
  14. Yeah, I think till I swap the motor, carb, headers and electronic ignition will be the most I do, motor wise. Cause it's already got the j16 carb, the one with dual style choke. Which over been told is a bit bigger already, so maybe I'm a little closer to that 67 mark at the wheel (I know is bigger carb isn't always a bunch of extra HP, but maybe a couple.)
  15. I know it isn't a great angle, I'm not at home or else I would grab better photos. But maybe it's enough to go off of for now?
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