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  1. Arifaeth

    Heater duct

    Are they the same person? I messaged Jake's makes on her and he quoted me for one
  2. Arifaeth

    Heater duct

    I saw his, but he longer has those for sale, Jake's makes said he can get me one for $40. So I'm all set!
  3. Arifaeth

    Heater duct

    Hey guys, I need to find part number 3 on this diagram. I found one on Etsy at one point but have yet to find it again. Any help is greatly appreciated!!!
  4. Arifaeth

    521 brakes issue

    That actually sounds alot like what my shoes did when I put em on, they wouldn't sit quite right. I will have to try this
  5. Arifaeth

    521 brakes issue

    I put the shoes in the way the repair manual told me too, but I'll try that next. I thought I did the whole adjust to much, step on em hard, but it can't hurt to do it twice
  6. Arifaeth

    521 brakes issue

    The issue is, I have to pump the brakes and can watch the fluid level drop like half way, and then come back after it sits
  7. Arifaeth

    521 brakes issue

    I don't know someone with one unfortunately
  8. Arifaeth

    521 brakes issue

    That's just where the line comes out of. There's no bleeder on the master, nor have I ever seen a bleeder on a master cylinder 🤷
  9. Arifaeth

    521 brakes issue

    What I meant by there's no play, is that when I push the pedal there is no gap in when the rod is being pushed.
  10. Arifaeth

    521 brakes issue

    They are adjusted to where there i slight rubbing between the shoes and the drums
  11. Arifaeth

    521 brakes issue

    That's what I did. And the master cylinder is hooked up to where the bar keeps the petal all the way out. So there is no loose play between the pedal and master.
  12. Arifaeth

    521 brakes issue

    Yes, I adjusted the brakes till I couldn't turn them by hand, then pumped the brakes a couple times to get pressure, then adjusted them back till I just turn em by hand, and it's just barely rubbing the shoes against the drums. I bled all four wheels. The master cylinder doesn't have a bleed screw. Idk if the emergency brake has an adjustment, I wouldn't know how to adjust it.
  13. Arifaeth

    521 brakes issue

    So, on my 69 521, I'm having an issue with the brakes where no matter how much I adjust and bleed the brakes, I still have to pump the brakes 4-5 times to get brake pressure. Brand new brake master, shoes and cylinders. Any ideas?
  14. Arifaeth

    Fuel pump

    Alright, I know it has sat either dry, Or with old fuel in it for atleast 2-3 years if not more. So I'm gonna say that has caused it to get issues. I guess I'll carefully disassemble it, and if I open it and it's all gunked up, but the diaphragms look good, I'll clean it up and all that, and see where that gets me.
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