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  1. Hello,  I am clicking over from facebook, where you posted the link to these spacers.  Do you still have them available?





  2. So, I was just getting ready to reinstall the front drums and decided to remove the bearing to clean it properly.... Big mistake. the bearing is a NSK 32KB02 It doesn't seem to exist anywhere. Anyone have one kicking around? Hoping to not have to replace the race, because of switching brands.
  3. Yes, I have been looking at the 1.25" and I can piece it together, with incredible effort. I have two shops I am looking at. One shop does a lot of hot rods, but they use all pre-bent components. They are not close, but they will be more likely to match the picture. They would only do 1.5" The second shop I have used in the distant past. They are close. They are a regular muffler shop, but still has the bender at 1.5" only. They are more likely to not understand trying to hold on to any original ideas of connecting and positioning. really torn.
  4. Hello all, I will be ready to install the new exhaust soon, but as I have found out, 1.25" exhaust parts are hard. I have the image of the original system, but 1.25" mufflers and resonators are pretty scarce. At one point I was told that I could source exhaust manifold gaskets from nissan forklifts and that made me think.... Would those forklifts have 1.25" mufflers? If anyone has any info, let me know THANKS.
  5. 22350

    Carburetor jet config.

    strange.... I changed the images. do they work now. I did find my answer in the shop manual
  6. Hey everyone. I was rebuilding the original carburetor and noticed something interesting and wanted to confirm that this was going back in the right way. Everything seems to make sense, but the air bleed size appears to have the larger sizing on the primary. Anyone have experience with this? Also curious why the main atomizer is the same on both sides, but the secondary has the air hole on the side
  7. I am interested in a set. I dm'd you. Let me know. thx.
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