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  1. Hi I'll eventually get it right, will sort out the pic issue on the weekend when I have more time, I have a windows laptop, will try that? All I know about the engine is that its a 2.4, where do I find out which version it is? Basically I just want to neaten her up, yes she has been maintained, but needs that extra bit of "love" to get her back into the showroom condition that she's capable off. For starters, the drivers seat has a tear in it which needs doing, also some idiot fitted 6x9 speakers in the doors, ideally I would like to replace those panels? Thankfully nobody cut the dash for a din size radio, it has an old shaft Becker in it (I have an old Pioneer to replace it) I've been told that a new water pump is a good idea to start with? What else should be looked at on such an old car? Regards
  2. I think this issue is a mac thing.........
  3. Morning, sorry, maybe cause I'm a mac user?? I don't get that option, let me try a different search engine?
  4. I'm not sure, where do I find this information?
  5. Hi, I'm from Johannesburg, South Africa and recently bought a Nissan 720 KingCab from a friend (been bugging him for 10 years to sell her :)) Its a 1986 model, one owner with 101k km on the clock (around 60k miles I think?) Zero rust, as nothing really rusts up here, one or two minor small dents, but in great shape. Bakkie (thats what we call them down here) has been serviced religiously at Nissan every year (crazy I know) basically being an oil change and a tune up. Basically I need help and advice on this car as nobody here seems to know much about them anymore, and getting spares is difficult if not impossible! I would like to post a few pics of her, but have no idea as this? Regards Simon
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