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  1. Hello all, pulled the backup light switch out of the 620, with no oil leaking out (nice). Upon a close inspection of the switch, it’s no wonder it was blowing my 10 amp fuse, power lead shorted to ground. Repaired and insulated the terminals and reinstalled, Backup up lights now working (again nice), now I have all running light working on the old girl. So nice to be seen at night. And replaced the front turn signal bulbs with an a LED Bulb, as well as the rear break lights with an LED Bulb. They really help with improving the dim incandescent bulbs. Again thanks all for the help. Took pics will try and post.
  2. Thanks, good to know, and she is very much babied, her hard days are behind her, not to say she has lost a step, but very much not driven hard at all. Just finished sand blasting/Painting the headlight buckets, they had seen better times, look good now, working on pic’s guys, thanks all for all the help and info, Peace to all.
  3. Thanks all, I will see if I can pull it tomorrow, I was under her today and identified the tranny as a 63 series, 5 speed, dog leg, and is shorter than the original tranny that came with the truck. Will let all know what issues I encounter if any. Thanks again and Peace to all.
  4. Tried to pull info on replacing my backup light switch on my 620 truck, I did not find any info. If I pull the switch out of the tranny, will the tranny oil drain out and or any other internal parts. Believe retro tranny is out of a 200sx (Dog Leg 5 Speed). Any help would be greatly appreciated, Peace All.
  5. B-rads PL620

    High voltage

    Hello, I just installed a 50 amp alternator in my 75’ 620, the alternator was a Hitachi LT-150-188, this was basically a plug and play, Only issue was top alt bracket was too short, I used a 7 1/2” x 1/4” turnbuckle with eye ends and a lock nut, also used a 36 1/8” fan belt, nice fit good clearance. Believe it is from a 75 -79 Chevy Luv Truck. I tried a 60 amp alt from a 280z but the clearance was tighter than I liked, it fit but knocked the idle arm on occasions at engine turn off. Sorry no pic’s at this time, I will have to work on that. I was just trying to stop the winkie blinkies at night stopped and turn signals on. It great to have headlights not dimming at idle!
  6. Hello all, been a long couple of months working on the 620, but I think I am close to saying it might be safe to be on the road with her. Here is a list of a few things I have been working on: The winkie blinkies when I ran at night and stop at a stop light, the headlights dimming and if the turn signal was on the headlights winked at you. Forget it if the heater blower fan was on, Great 35 amp alternator! Upgraded to a Hitachi LT-150-188 50 amp alternator ( Plug and Play) except top Alt bracket, I used a 1/4 x 7 1/2” Turnbuckle with locking nut, also a 36 1/8” fan belt. No more winkie blinkies. Found fusible link Wire was getting hot, after inspecting found only a couple of wire strands still connected, Replaced. Rear leaf spring bushing found to be metal on metal, Replaced all bushings. Found the Ignition coil was getting hot, found no ballast resistor, installed new 1.6 ohm ballast resistor isolating start voltage/run voltage to ignition coil, coil running a lot cooler. Turn signal flasher thermo unit failing after on for length of time, Replaced with coil type heavy duty flasher. Same for Hazard Warning lights, Flasher replaced. Replaced rear brake and turn signals incandescent bulbs with a Sylvania 1157A LED bulbs, Nice upgrade, turn signal now appears to flash sequential led first and incandescent a micro sec later, looks cool. Did the same for front turn signal upgraded to LED 1157A bulb. A thing of note, LED bulbs are Light Specific, Red for Red Lights, White for White, Amber for Amber. Still need to work on back up lights and just got a new oil sensor, to be installed tomorrow. But all in all I lov my old girl. Hey check out my Ratsun Grill badge post looking for 15-20 people who might be interested in a Ratsun Grill Badge. Peace all
  7. Another follow up on the Ratsun Grill Badge, I have been in contact with the original Ratsun Grill Badge supplier, and he is willing to consider another run of Badges, “Newer Version” if we can get 15 - 20 firm commitments for them. I do not have all the particulars as of yet, but looking for some feedback. If I am not wrong, it’s been a few years since these were available, and you can not find one. From the picture I was sent they are the same except for the Ratsun.Net logo. If you are interested reply back to this post and I will see if we can make this happen, it might be a long time before any other if at all are made again. Let me know, Thanks all.
  8. On a follow up on the Ratsun Grill badge, wonder if there is an interest in making a batch of them for fellow Ratsun followers be about 1,200 Dollars for 40. Would also need an approval from the administrator before anything could be set in place. Would just need a copy of the Ratsun art work. Food for thought!
  9. Hello all, Looking for either Ratsun Grill Badge or Ratsun Sticker, prefer the grill badge, anyone know if these are still available? Would really appreciate any help or a contact. Thanks and Peace.
  10. Thank you so much, was worried, not much knowledge on differentials, picked up a gasket on eBay, hope it works, says direct fit, we will see, but good to have a plan B, diff is basically out of truck as I am in the process of replacing leaf spring bushing. Worried about the old brake lines and taking them apart right now, think that’s another project down the road so to speak, hope that’s not literally! Thanks again.
  11. Hello all, Just finished pulling my rear leaf springs for a bushing replacement, rear eyelet bushings had worn through the rubber for a metal on metal fit, “WOW”, but in the process I have a rear differential gasket leak, a small one but it has over the years coated the diff with an oil crust. Long story short, if I split the differential will I be opening a Pandora’s box? Things dropping out on the floor? Or can I split it, replace the gasket and slide the half’s back together, any help out there would be greatly appreciated, Thank all. Have a peaceful day and make someone smile, you will not believe how that would make you feel like, let alone that someone. Food for thought.
  12. Had a charging issue with the old girl, found the alternator was not charging, so I started isolating and found several issue I needed to resolve, First I found the alternator to be bad (dimming headlights at idle ) and only getting 9 volts at the headlight terminals, As I worked back from there, I found the fusible link wire to be bad (Only a couple of strands of wire not broke at the connectors) wire was getting very hot with lights on. As for the coil, it was an aftermarket coil with a crack in the housing, replaced due to that. I replaced the voltage regulator just to be safe. Now for the brakes, I blew a rear wheel caliper (Drum brakes) so replaced both rear Calipers and brake shoes, other side drum brake was starting to leak as well. My girl I guess you would consider more a resto mod, (But I lov her more than ever as I work on her) working on the running lights now as they are in rough shape inside. Big voltage drop with all the corrosion inside light sockets. After that will tackle the rear leaf spring bushing as they are non existent. One step at a time. Oh front brakes are disc and look and work good. L20B motor has been rebuilt with 280Z pistons and 240z valve springs on a worked and flowed head, cam is suppose to be a little hotter as well. (So previous owner claims). 2” stainless exhaust and of course my unidentified dog leg transmission. Absolutely love the old girl. Peace All.
  13. Thanks all for the info, have to get the 620 up on a lift to do a better inspection on the tranny. Already completed a new coil replacement, fusible link wire, Voltage regular, Alternator, upgraded rear wheel calipers and brake shoes, will need to pull the rear end out of her as she has a rear diff case gasket leak, small but still a leak. Forgot the joy of working on these. Peace all and thanks for the info, maybe see you out there! Hot Wheel Convention in Los Angeles, early this October! Anyone going? May take her out there one day. Again thanks all.
  14. Hello all, Just returned home with the purchase of a 1975 620, I cannot believe the feeling of sitting behind the wheel of my new(old) truck, but have a question about it? My beauty has a dog leg 5 speed in it, and the previous owner was not specific on it, there is no adapters used and it bolts up to the L20B motor. Anyone out there that might know or have a suggestion as to what it might be or a way to Id? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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