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  1. Not sure yet. The ka24de is an unknown used engine. I will be tearing into it soon. Still looking at options. On one hand I could throw a header and the new Weber 38/38 on the l20. Overhaul my Weber 32/36 and put it on blue. Or go with the ka24 on red. We shall see. Eventually the 32/36 will be going on blue regardless. Big Red is being patient.
  2. Guess who's back? And big red says, 'lets go boy, I ain't getting any younger.' Next, fitting front disc brakes, ka24, 5spd and drive line.
  3. Interior floor is clean. It was pretty nasty. Seats are in, mostly. Think I'll drive Later
  4. I lied, just had to do some more stretching... I coulbn't sleep. Truly done for today.
  5. Both seats are done and going back in tomorrow. Don't think I mentioned but the drivers seat is full electric. In addition it actually works. Got some floor mats awhile back for the Chevy 2500 and never used em. We'll just see how they fit tomorrow when the seats go back in. 1st up tomorrow is finishing my wife's upgraded planter box. She'll be happy with it. Next is getting the Mazda cleaned up and listed 4 sale. Road trip coming up. Found a guy parting out a 720. Soon making a trip to start picking up the 64 roadster. Blue is gonna be busy. Hey, calling it a day before midnight. LET'S GO BRANDON!!!
  6. Blue gotta have some new seats. Same seats just slapping on some new covers. $29.99 at the china parts store. Did the initial fitting then made a tent over the seat and a radiant heater. Made that cover a lot easier to work with. Wait, I forgot the seat back pocket. Streached out the material into the pocket, split with an razor and secured with spay adhesive. Painted the plastic trim and using my tent baked over night. Co pilot seat ready. Captains seat tonite.
  7. Idle is still a bit high but stumble is gone. Found the #4 exhaust plug wire at plug was not making full contact. Took him out for a quick test drive and success, purring like a kitten. Damn, this is a fun truck to drive. With new shocks, exhaust and s tuned carb it's incredible how he's handling. Get the interior together and we'll be ready to show off. It's a Datsun.
  8. Your absolutely correct. I'll correct that. Maybe install one of those clear glass stained where the filter is currently located. I like being able to see the fuel going through the system. But today was good. Crispy pic, but you can see the old exhaust system placement. It was a mess. The new system going in and hanging high and proud. The difference is night and day. Got home and put big reds brand new shocks on blue. Threw on big reds wheels and tires. Thighted up the heater control panel mounts which was rattling like hell. So, the wife had driven it a few times early on and was not impressed. I told her it was ready for a test drive and off she went. I would have gone with her but the passenger seat is out. Upon her return she was stunned at the transformation. I try and get her to post the video she played for me. 20 days in and he's a goer. This evening I intend to do some fine tuning on that new carb. Currently have an intermittent stumdle at idle and can't seem to get the idle below 850. So long for now.
  9. Took the old boy out for, ya know, daily driver stuff. She drives incredible. I mean, if your into aggressive driving this truck rocks. The god forsaken exhaust system is a real bummer. It's rubbing and rattling everywhere. The front end needs some work. I did lube it up, lt helped but theres some loose crap under there. Throwing some China auto parts seat covers on, tighten some raffles and we be cruising. Left em outside in the rain last night for a leak check. I got em. Turned the fan on and water blowing/leaking out of the blower shroud. Throwing on new shocks that I had on big red. Well, and a few other thing's But, I'm very happy with this truck. But 1st, we button up some loose ends. Besides the above.... Valve adjustment, yeah my intake needs to be ripped out again. Such is life.
  10. Got blues engine dialed in and finished the engine bay. A little rework on the intake. New overflow resivoir. Cleaned up some placement and wiring issues. And cleaned him up. And blue is running great. Not happy with the valve noise and will adjust again. The exhaust system is crap. Trying to set something up for tomorrow morning at the muffler shop. Interior next. Later guys, I'm going for a drive.
  11. Tranny is buttoned uped and serviced. Looking at the dredges of the atf. It was time for a change. Prior to I threw in some sea foam trans tune and ran it for awile. Got the front end greased. Purged out a lot of old nasty grease. Man, what a mess. Sorry no pics but I had grease every where. Got the valence, grill and bumper back on. They were for sure missing some hardware. Jeez Looked every thing over and it was time to start er up. It's so nice to have the new carb installed. It starts like a new ride. No leaks and everything is working. Took blue out for an evening drive and damn if he ain't performing. It's such a joy to drive and shifting bueatifly. Next is getting the engine bay squared away. Including the fresh air intake. Decided not to use the stock box. To much cutting and angles to mess with. Using the above and it's gonna look cool. Tomorrow's a new day.
  12. Isn't it more like a bluemp... Got quite a bit of stuff done. -The electric fuel pump was quite annoying. It was mounted on the belly of the cabin under the copilot. Load and whiny even. At least somebody installed inserts to bolt the pump down. Look just past the end of the loose hose. Got a new pump rated for 2.0 to 3.2 psi. Red line says set for 2 psi. Think I'll be good. Installed, trimmed hoses to fit, attached to hard pipe previously cut, rewired pump, checked for rubbing of parts. The only filter in the fuel system was the little thing attached on the inlet of the pump. Installed a new filter under the intake manifold into existing rubber rubber fuel line, cut and trimmed hoses to fit filter and leak check is good. This is where the fuel and vent line come together just before changing to hard pipe and up thru the intake manifold for carb supply. Double checked all was hooked up and started the boy up. The electric choke works. The book calls out 3 plus or minus 2 degrees on the timming and my last drive it was set at 5. Plenty of pet but a lil stutter on start off. Noticed a bit of gurgling of deceleration as well. Took the timing back to dead on 3 degrees. No stutter or gurgle. Still plenty of pep. 😁 My idle is kinda goofy and wandering a bit. Suspect my throttle cable is to tight. Will adjust and check on next drive. In process now, trans fluid change.
  13. The 38 is on! Haven't dolled it up yet but took it for a ride. The difference is pretty amazing. Took it up my test hill and he killed it! Took a look at the header again. oh yeah, it's resting on the mount. Minor adjustment tool. Just a small dent. Sorry Mike...... It was one of my obnoxious noises. It's been a long day.
  14. All right you talked me into it. The head is not coming off. Got both surfaces cleaned and the intake is going back on. Blue is going back together. I just gonna put a divot in that header pipe so it ain't rubbing.
  15. Should I just go with it? I do have some oil in the coolant as well.
  16. Thanks dood. Got back on the powder blue boy last night and all day today. Found some new shit. Good news I guess, got the new Weber. Went with the 38/38, why?, some may ask. Because redeye said there cool. Got the Spain marking and everything. Matching it up with pre installed header. I've seen some stuff posted on here about headers being difficult to install and butchering happening. Well on further inspection... Drivers side motor mount. Prolly woulda just let it go, but, the mod didn't even accomplish what it set out to do. The header tube is contacting a sharp point on the bottom of the cut out. Not sure how l'm gonna clean that up. That's some thick and hard steel. Dont think I have anything to cut it with. New mount and have somebody do it right. Anybody know a good butcher? Moving on. Looking under the intake I noticed rust runs iminating at the head and down the block. Looking closer I saw pieces of the gasket kinda hanging here and there. Screw it, pulled the intake. You can actually see were coolant was being sucked into the ports. Oh them sunny beaches... If you zoom in a bit into the ports look like someone took a shit in there. Sludge and hard carbon deposits. Looks like the truck was run on bath water for quite a while. Rust stained passages. The heads coming off in the morning or maybe tonight if I get a second wind. Not likely. Can't wait to see what those pistons look like. Dammit Jim....
  17. Thanks once again guys. Was chasing my own ass end on this one. But got it done after fixing my own FU's. Still got a list of things to do and blues new carb may be here tomorrow. Fun times, eh...
  18. Spank me and call me Sally 😆 There are two tdc'entors. 'hows about eh, I'm working here'
  19. Right on. Thank you so much. I was about ready to take off the chain cover and check everything. You rock!
  20. Current position of the gear is slightly aft. I just marked the flange now for reference. One tooth to the left would be straight up or slightly fwd?
  21. Looking down at the drive the gear is sitting slightly aft or about the 1 o'clock position at tdc.
  22. So the distributor drive should be turned one tooth counter clockwise?
  23. Put in some more OT tonite. I might have a problem. Been screwing around with the distributor off and on all day. The engine is at TDC and something ain't right. The rotor is pointing at the #1 plug but it's the non pickup end. The metal pickup is facing the opposite way. Not sure if this is right. Looking down at the distributor drive it is cocked slightly right with the bigger half of the gear facing aft. The cam gear is sitting like this. That's a #2 straight up, white dot, with 1 on the left and a 3 on the right. When I was timing the engine I ran out of adjustment. Cocked full left and was only getting 10 degrees btcd. Not sure where the idle was at but I'm guessing well over 750 rpm and I did not pull the vacuum for the the idle advance while checking the timing. Could the idle advance still hooked up be screwing it that bad. Need some help guys. Spent some productive time tonite on the valve cover or rocker box if you prefer. Not sure about painting or just throwing on some clear coat. Also pulled off the front bumper and valence. There both a bit mangled. Using big red for a storage rack for the moment. 🙄 And the biggie....... Got a new Weber 38 kit on it's way. This will be a properly running daily beast pretty soon. Just need to quit finding shit. But seriously, throw something at me on this timing issue. And thanks in advance. Gitty up. Closing this update with a sincere and I do mean heart felt..... FJB or for those who might be easily offened... LET'S GO BRANDON
  24. Every damn time I look at something on blue it needs fixing. After contemplating using big reds weber I slapped myself. Red was running like crap before the being ripped into and that 32/36 has seen better days. Found blues carb mount gasket, block, brick or whatever you wanna call it, sucking air. Torqued it down and it still sucks. New one tomorrow. Did a full tune, or almost. Finally did the valve adjustment and they pretty much all needed it. By far the worst were 2 and 3 well below .012 Compression check- 1,2 & 4 at 170, 175 #3 at about 160. Prolly just throw some oil additive in and keep an eye on it. Cleaned and gapped the plugs. #3 plugs were black and wet. Installed new cap and rotor, plug wires are good. Checked timing and found the distributor pegged clockwise direction. With no more adjustment available sitting at 10 degrees. Figure I'll check at tdc and and restab as needed. Ran the truck for a bit and played with some carb adjustment and didn't really nail anything down. Will redo when I get the carb brick replaced and the timing right. Spent some time on my new intake. Almost done and rather pleased with it. Before After Not liking those wires coming over the top. Have a bracket that I saved and gonna mount it on the under side of the the valve cover support, , run the wires between the valve cover and support bracket. Also need to secure the left side wires hanging over the header. Now that's ratsonized. Later kids, I'll be sleeping in.
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