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  1. Met with the previous owner and picked up a Haynes manual along with some maintenance history records. We talked about the lighting issue and informed me a repair was made on the rear harness. Was told the repair was fwd on the harness and hard to get to. Jacked up the passenger side, removed the right rear wheel, placed jack stands and crawled under. From the rear going fwd I followed the bundle and found a bulge in the harness just aft of the cabin pass thru on top of the frame. Tugging on the harness I was able to get enough slack to at least see it and removed the tape. Went ahead and disconnected the harness under the passenger seat, 10 pin connector, and pulled the harness out of the cabin. Found a ziptie holding me up on top of the frame. Nothing showing but the tail. After several adjustments with the with the dyckes and working blind I cut the tie. Knew immediately I screws it up. We can fix that.😐 Got the harness front section out and could see and repair the harness. And repaired my mess. Feeling good. That had to be the problem right. Rung the wires plug to plug on the harness and taped er up. Good as new. Plugged in the the fwd plug installed a new 15amp fuse and turned on the lights. Immediately blew the fuse. Dammit! I'm still digging. Will follow Mike's suggestions today and go from there. Chris, the po, told me the installed bucket seats are electric and kinda hooked up. 'Keep Trucking On' Nice drop 😎
  2. Right on Mikey I'll let ya know. Thanks
  3. No parking lights, instrument lights or cabin light. Found blown fuse and installed new. Turned on light switch and the fuse immediately blew again. As good as the bed looks the wiring for lighting sucks. Disconnected the rear harness and tried again. The fuse blew. So I somewhere have a hard short. Still digging. Any suggestions? 82 720 kc
  4. Once I adjust the dipstick stopper down it read about 3 quarts. Topped it to about 4.5. It could have been a lot of money not wisely spent. Not to mention all the time that this may have cost. I wonder if this was why it was so low priced? Maybe the po thought it was internal and something major. That's where my mind was at..... Installing the sender and wire as was. I know the oil light is operating properly now.
  5. Got the oil pressure taken care of. It helps to have enough oil in it. See the low oil pressure thread on the 720 page. It works! Continuing on. Lights and noises. It's a looker I tell ya.
  6. DatzenMike for the save. Thank you. I was about tweaking out over this oil pressure problem that turned out to be low, and I do mean low, oil level. Was able to get back on Blue this evening and changed the oil and filter. Before draining the oil I checked the level for about the tenth time and confirmed, again, that the it was indicating well over full. As I reinstalled the dipstick it kinda bottomed out then slid in the tube quite a bit more. I got the truck lifted on the left and slid the jack stand into to place. The under side of the engine and tranny is pretty wet but didn't see much dripage. Drained the oil cold cause I wasn't running it again until this problem was fixed. Had to use a breaker bar with a cheater bar to get the drain plug off. Draining the oil was fast, lucky if I got 2 quarts out of it. So I'm thinking, wrong damn dipstick. Went ahead and removed the filter, which was almost as tight as the drain plug. Cleaned the oil filter mount, lubed filter seal with engine oil and installed hand tight. The local China auto parts store was out of the T4 so I got the Ford 10w30 diesel oil. Serviced the engine with about 3 quarts and checked the dipstick. Holy crap, it was showing over the full hash mark. Looking at the dipstick the external portion sure looked awful short and there were some kind of bulbous things a couple of inches further down the stick. I was looking at the stick and tube seal or the rubber stopper that's pressed onto the stick and found it loose and could spin it by hand. Sliding the seal down to those bulbous things I rechecked the oil. Hot damn, it was showing more than a quart low. Topped off the oil, reconnected my oil pressure gauge and started the truck. Bam! At cold idle. It was running and sounding much smoother. As a matter of fact, it was so much better I let the wife drive it and she's sold on it as well. I have started a new thread on the 720 page. 82 720 'Blue ' Refresh See ya there.
  7. He's half a rat. Somebody did a really good job on the flat bed. Thought I'd push it in the garage last night, found it's definitely a heavy bastard.
  8. Drug home a Datsun, ok, he's a bastard child. You know the stigma of the Nissan Mark? Yeah, he's got it. Not only that but, there's something going on with the cargo area. Did a test drive and jumped. Kinda been stalking it for awhile. The flat bed had me sold. I like what they did with the filler. Got about a half hour drive bringing it home. Z22, Hitachi carb, 3spd auto with a really good looking header. The truck ran strong. Peppy and not overly stressed by the hills. Shifted well but you knew it was shifting. Overall the truck is pretty good shape. Like any old datsuns this one's got some minor spauwks. In the Safeway parking lot about 5 minutes before dark, we found no working running lamps. Well we had head lights even tho I was about to find out they could have been out as well, being the difference they made. So my wife would just follow me home and be my rear guard. At the angle the truck was parked, it was obvious I had no panel lights either. Damn, reached up for the cabin light and it ain't working. At least I had headlights right. The drive was a blast. Started thinking about my speed on the hwy, no probs, I was keeping up with traffic and every thing felt and sounded okay. Remembering I had a pin light on my key chain, I dug it out of my pocket so I could see the instruments. Minimal as the are the temp gage was on the high side of middle and holding. Speed sitting at 60 with what felt like power and speed in reserve. At least the turn signals worked. Once on the back roads and near home the oil light started flicking. I had checked the oil at Safeway and was thinking if was leaking it a good one. Pressed for home, then remembered Robin was following so I slowed a bit so she could catch up. By the time I got home the oil light was more like flashing steady and went full on as I parked. Getting out of the truck I didn't notice any smells, I hadn't heard any suspicious sounds. Shinning my pin light under the truck I saw no obvious big leaks. We made it. Did a right up in the 720 section for the troubleshooting so far with no definitive cause at this point. Back at it tomorrow. Yeah, it must be the flat bed.
  9. I got the filter and oil today. Take it a step at a time. It made it home 😃 Thinking about a thread. Not a build really. Got one of those. More like make it a daily driver 'Refresh'. I did a temporary install of the gauge with some stuff off big red. But I had a solid idiot light screaming at me before the gauge test. It was on the verge of abnormal sounds. Thanks
  10. Picked up a 720. On the test drive I saw the oil light flicker at lower rpms. Higher revs and no light at all. During the drive home the oil light was flickering more often. By the time I pulled up the driveway it had gone full on. Oil level was good, if anything about a half a quart over full. After some research on ratsun i gained access to the sender. Found no leaks. Removed sender and it didn't appear plugged. Installed a direct reading pressure. Cranked the engine to bleed the gauge tube and got no oil flow. Started the engine with little to no oil in tube. Any idea? Anybody? Original engine installed. Z22 with a newer Hitachi carb. Runs strong with plenty of pep. 116k miles
  11. Just dreaming about how mine my look one of these days.
  12. The stuff you wackos do is amazing. So many ideas on my build... Your car will be one hella machine.
  13. Wow! I mean that is the baddest mini monsta-truck I've ever seen. Your videos rock as well. I was about ready to bust my light switch. Thanks for the save.
  14. Makes me want a race. I've ran the road course at Pacific. What a rush. Great job guys.
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