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  1. Here is the power supply picture from my 85 Nissan Service manual.If the red wire coming from the fusible link is burnt and not supplying power to the fuse box with the fuses for the headlights,then the lights will not work.That is what happened,the fusible link wire melt and stopped the flow to the 2 light fuses in the fuse box.All 720's power supply is not the same.I also have a Haynes book and it shows different years in different ways.I can go and disconnect that red wire and the lights will not work.The red fusible link sends power to the headlight fuses.




  2. My fusible link has one black wire going to the alternator,which is connected to a thick white wire.I have 2 green wires and two red wires on the fusible link.The red and green wires look perty much the same.But my lights did quit working and the red wire was burned up and I fixed it and the lights started working.I can take a picture of it but it is dark.I know they have fuses,but they were good.Long ago,the connectors that the fusible link connects to were goners,so I replaced them with wire fittings.Where the red fitting connects in the fusible link which has the plastic covering over the metal fittings,it melted the plastic piece and the two metal pieces were no longer making connection,so I got my box cutter and trimmed the plastic off and replaced one fitting and reconnected them.It was about the time my alternator was over charging,and it was causing my relays under the glove box to make clicking noises and it kilt the battery,I took and had alternator tested while my truck was running and it read 15.6 volts and a couple of days later the alternator went to 12 volts and I replaced it.Maybe this caused it.I will go take a picture of the part I fixed,This is my new fusible link and the yellow connectors is what I used to replace the original connectors.The other 4 wires are white,2 with red stripes and 2 with green stripes.






  3. Is the wire at the fusible link that goes to the lights burn up the wire in time?My Headlights awhile back stopped working.Brand new head lights.I checked the connections and they were good.Then I checked the fusible link and one wire was melted.I replaced and it fixed it.It happened before about 3 years ago.I bought 2 fusible links back then,I always buy things in two's.,I still have a brand new one.I think it was Nissan's last fusible links that they had,even bought the 2 last metal pieces that go to them that connects to the battery.I was able to fix the last one without having to replace it.I guess the light wire has a lot of juice going thru it.My fan fuse use to pop out a lot.Not anymore,I had my system rewired,passing that fuse.When I got the new heating and air system installed,he rewired it and I don't use the fuse that was used for the heating and air.The fuse area that holds the fuse was melted.Another thing you will not believe,the 10 amp fuse won't work for the coil.I have to use a 30 amp fuse.Been that way for 27 years,came that way,I put a 10 amp fuse in it and it wouldn't work,took to a specialist and they didn't figure it out.So the 30 amp fuse stays in there.

  4. It wasn't loose.It made a little noise on the way to work a few times,the first noise is when I left my drive way going maybe 20 mph.I though a rock hit my truck from running over it.Then when I was  on the highway doing about 55 mph,I heard another noise but not loud,but I do have my music loud.it was a short noise.The nut holding it on was real tight,I took the whole bracket off to get everything together.I put it on a table vise to get the nut loose.I never found the bearings,found some other ring parts,I even took off the skid plate.The dust covers were gone.That's why I had to buy the whole assembly.I am going to have to buy a fan blade soon,it has a lot of little cranks in it.I replaced it long ago,it was rubbing at the bottom on the fan shroud.I use 2 cable ties to hold at the bottom of the fan shroud to keep it from moving around.it shows where it has hit the bottom of the fan shroud.I guess it vibrates and the fan hits it,At the bottom of the fan shroud is a hole,made that way,and I put a couple of cable ties in their and connect to frame to hold down.

  5. Here's is Pink Floyd song Money from Dark Side of the moon,my best song in high school.Seen them in 94 In Atlanta,It starts out like get a good job with good pay and your ok...Still got my concert t-shirt,magazine and cup...I got my 720 right before the concert and rocked to the Division bell C.D. on the way there. it's about 100 miles from here...


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  6. Who is a ole heavy duty Rocker like me.Back in the 70's Led Zeppelin's Song remains the same came out in movie Theaters.If was so cool,guess what everyone in there was toking on,yes in the movie theater,I sure miss my long hair.Check out this clip from the movie.I have all of Zeppelin's C.D's.There is a old Nissan truck in the picture.


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  7. What up NC85ST.Wow,My dad is from Lenoir,N.C.Right up the road from you.He joined the army and ended up at Fort Benning,Ga.We use to go to Lenoir back in the 70's to visit family.My brother and I back in 76 went riding around there and found a game room.We went  inside and hit jack pot,a foosball table.We started playing,then a bunch of people came in and put their quarters on the table and we ended up playing for hours.It was a quarter a game,after the first game the machine was dropping the balls without putting a quarter in it and I was loading my pockets with quarters,we never lost.We ended up leaving as Champs of Lenoir.Back here in Columbus,Ga.foosball was the game to play.I seen a special not long ago on ESPN on the history of foosball.But that game has died,can't find foosball tables no more.Did you play.But anyway,The pulley is good,it's a oem Nissan part.It just needs a new bearing,but the bad part is that the covers for pulleys are no more..That is why I decided to just get a complete assembly from the dealer,only took a day.I didn't want the headache of searching.Just putting a bearing in would of not fixed my problem.If you want the pulley,just pay for shipping and it is your's,you can have the adjuster piece too.The inner and outer cover that goes on the pulley was completely shredded,I threw them pieces away.But you can rig it up to work.On Your's you would just need a new bearing to make pulley work.Nissan Dealer here can get parts in a day if they are still available.Here is what is left.It was a bitch to tighten the lock nut cause of the fan shroud.Without  the covers,dirt and whatever will get into the bearings and cause it to lock up.


  8. I had my whole brake system done back in November 2020.Everything was replaced,bearings and also the boots.The rotors had 370,000 miles on them.They were in bad shape.The fluid in the master cylinder is still yellow.I didn't want to mess with it cause of it being a 4x4.New pads,new lines,new Calibers,new rear brakes,you name it and it is new. Also replace the brake switch on the pedal along with clutch switch.

  9. Hey Ya'll,not long ago I replaced my inner and outer door  weatherstrips.This is where I got it from.As you know you can't see the inside of the door panels,but the old weather strips are old and leak,which will cause parts on the inside to rust and rot.. They are a little long and I used my dremel tool to cut down. I also bought the new orange Nissan Door clips,these are the new style Nissan has,they are way better.If your window rattles when it is down,this will fix it.https://www.ebay.com/itm/133751626037 and here are the clips.The leak did damage the inside of the door panel a little,I did repair so the clips would hold the panel on..Nissan sells these but are are very high.https://www.ebay.com/itm/262724557931 You will need two sets of these clips,one for each door.I got my plastic panel remover from Harbor freight.https://www.harborfreight.com/trim-and-molding-tool-set-5-pc-64126.html



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  10. I drove it a day without the pulley and belt on and was hoping that it wouldn't mess anything up.It wasn't hard to steer.When I got home yesterday from the Nissan dealer with the part.I popped the hood to let cool down and notice that power steering fluid did back out of the reservoir and was over the engine a little.I wiped it up and just got home from worked today and it is doing great and not a drop anywhere.I did replace the high pressure hose back in 95,got it from NAPA.Nissan wanted over 200 bucks back then and got it from NAPA for a 100.Nice to hear from you Butter fingers.I bought a gas pedal and brake and clutch pad less than a year ago from Ebay and the gas pedal pad is coming apart.Hard to find them,so I ordered another set from the same guy on Ebay.After I put new gaskets on the Weber,I decided to check the gas pedal play and the throttle cable connected to it and seen the pad is falling apart.I also had to take the air filter off and spray WD-40 on the choke lever and shaft assembly,it was sticking,had to do that last time,remember this if you have a Weber and put  new gaskets on it.I have a boat load of Weber 32/36 Gaskets,if you need some,let me know,I will send you some for free.I also have a shipful of gasket material to if you need some to make other gaskets,it is good and thick.The best price for a Pioneer throttle cable is from Autozone.Got mine their.Plus Ngk wires from their have a lifetime warranty.

  11. There was no way to just put a bearing on it cause the inner part and the outer part was destroyed.Look at the picture.The inside part has a thick washer and a cover.The outside has a cover with the nut.I've done this 20 years ago.I now have a brand new OEM Nissan part on it.I also painted the bracket the same color  as it was from the  Tennessee plant.and put a new Gates belt on it.I just got finished with it a few minutes ago.Check it out...When I started doing this,I dropped my camera and the battery fell out and I had to put the date in and I put the wrong date in.Check out the new part.No way to just put a bearing on it with out the covers and the thick washer. 






  12. 3 hours ago, Stoffregen Motorsports said:

    My first thought was clutch adjustment, but there could also be other causes.


    Did you do anything prior to the change? Gear oil change or have the trans apart in any way? Any other things that may have been done?


    How do you drive it? Do you like "grabbing gears"? If so, maybe you broke a roll pin. Even if you drive like a grandma, the factory roll pins are know to become loose or break in half, causing hard shifting.


    Proper gear oil needs to be used in these transmissions. If using regular old gear oil, it's too slippery for the synchros. I use Redline MT90, but others here use other brands with success.


    I use Redline MT-90 in my 85 4x4,works great.I drive like Grandma all the time,had a kid in the back seat pass me and he rolled his window down and asked me why I was going so slow.I just laughed.

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  13. Hi Ya'll.On my way to work this morning to make the best and only printing plates made in America.Yes we are the last company in the great U.S.A. still standing.Bet no one know's what company I work for.I've been there for 29 great years and still not the C.E.O.But any way who cares.I heard a noise under the hood.and thought,Am I fixing to be walking.When I got to the first red light and started to turn.I didn't have any power steering.I got happy and thought,oh we'll, power steering belt broke.Also had my eyes on the temperature gauge and it was in the normal spot.Then I turned up 38 Special,wild eyed Southern boys and got to work.I opened the hood to see the Power Steering pulley tensioner gone.I was thinking,someone done stole it.But not really.Then I seen the belt laying under the fan.So I removed the belt and it was not broken,It is a gates 9463 belt,The best you can get with a high price to go with it.But it was damaged a little.Then After my first break at 9,I looked again and found the pulley under the radiator,got lucky and no damage to the fan blade or radiator.I put this pulley on over 20 years ago and it was from the Nissan Dealer here.So I called my friend at Nissan here in Columbus and he ordered me one and said it will be here at 9 in the morning,then I will go by Oreilly's and get another Gates belt,they are 27.99.The pulley was 82 bucks.I was lucky that Nissan still has them.The adjuster comes with it.Which means I now will have a extra adjuster,old one is still good.I also replaced the A.C. belt tensioner one too long ago...





  14. Here is my 720 at the paint shop earlier this year.This is the pictures they sent me when it was done.They used Sherwin Williams Automotive paint.Look's so good...I put 4x4 stickers on the rear and sides and on the strip across the front windshield....Also a extension on the tail pipe...They removed all the lights,bumpers,windshield,rear window and side windows.,and pulled the Bed away from the cab.No over spray.It was hard to find someone to paint it.Everyone wants to do insurance claims.All new lights,new rear window gasket.New grill.Tires and rims were put on before I took it to the paint shop.They also painted under the hood around the inside of the fenders and hood black...It is Metallic Silver...




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