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    1981 Datsun 720
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    Apparently, old mini trucks. Who knew?

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  1. It sounds as if something is grinding while the engine cranks during cold starts. No issues when starting warm. Cranks slow but I had assumed this was due to lower temperatures and not due to increased resistance/burning contacts. Could it also be a misalignment with the ring gear on the flywheel or damaged gear teeth? Sounds pretty metal-on-metal. Thanks in advance!
  2. tiny

    Carrier bearing?

    Thanks! I'd probably use zip ties over buying OEM
  3. tiny

    Carrier bearing?

    Was doing an oil change and noticed my carrier bearing is looking pretty rough. Anyone have the part number for the replacement? Either the whole bracket/hanger or just the bearing/race I suppose. Rock Auto is overwhelming
  4. Managed to pick up an intact 81 720 bed in town with enough salvageable body panels to use for rust repair on the truck. And a tailgate!
  5. First time with the cap off. Try to ignore the peeling bondo from the previous owner
  6. Time Left: 7 days and 12 hours

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    Located on Van Island, Canada. Hoping for something nearby. Cheers!


    Tofino, British Columbia - CA

  7. tiny

    Turn signal stuck on?

    Drove around 200km off-road with my 81 720 2WD without any issues, but once we hit an intersection we realized that when the right turn signal is flipped on, it just sticks and doesn’t blink (the green arrow just stays illuminated). Doesn’t happen on the left side. Haven’t really poked around, just curious as to if anyone else has run into a similar issue before! Thanks
  8. tiny

    D21 sway bar for 81 720?

    Thanks guys!
  9. tiny

    D21 sway bar for 81 720?

    Also looking for a rear diff
  10. tiny

    D21 sway bar for 81 720?

    Front sway? I'd be happy to pick it up on my way to Tofino this weekend. Message me details
  11. Body roll is crazy, found a front sway bar from an 87 D21. Compatible?
  12. Anyone know if this would fit? I want something with roof racks for sUrFboArds and love the windows. Not sure if this is where I should ask. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/1457865737922321/?referralSurface=messenger_lightspeed_banner&referralCode=messenger_banner Thanks!
  13. Stoked that there are others on the island!
  14. Time Left: 3 days and 14 hours

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    Looking for a white canopy for an 81 720 longbox. Brand irrelevant but keen on big windows and intact weatherproofing, minimal yellowing. Thanks!


  15. Time Left: 3 days and 14 hours

    • FOR SALE
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    Takeoff from an 81 720. Mounts need to be straightened but it's an easy fix; right side is a little bulged likely from a knock prior to my ownership. I'd fix it but visually it's not super noticeable. I can ship/courier but I think it'd be expensive. Happy for offers


    Victoria - CA

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