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  1. i have the stock engine, stock ignition and i just used a bigger carburetor. I want to adapt the K03 turbo I have for my stock engine, I don't have a lot of budget for this project so I won't use efi, I'm thinking of doing turbo LPG. I need your help on this issue. 🙂
  2. hello friends. I need head gasket drawings for A15 engine, can anyone send it to me?
  3. yes, my engine is stock, but I'm thinking of adding a turbo soon. but even if it stays in stock, there is not even a gasket in the country:( I think there is 1 in the country. i use this engine in a heavy camper vw T2 van so it would be nice if it was more powerful with turbo
  4. Hello friends, I need drawings for the copper head gasket, my atom friend, can you help with this? There is no part of this engine in my country 🙂
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