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  1. The rubber insulator is pretty done for, causing a lot of vibration and movement. Thanks, I’ll have to give it another look and see what I can do.
  2. 1985 4X4 720 motor mounts need to be replaced. I don't really want to remove the front diff to replace them. Is that possible?
  3. I found a guy selling a decently priced 82 bed off a standard cab. I have a standard cab 85 720 with the same sized bed. Will it bolt up properly everywhere?
  4. My truck bed has seen better days. Are there patch panels for the bedside fender area? PO cut out some rust and bolted some sheet metal over it and it looks awful.
  5. First time posting here. So the 720 I’m in the process of getting road worthy is completely missing the rear driver side shock mount. Been searching high and low and can’t find one. Does anyone know if other brackets (from a different vehicle) work? Or does someone have a dicked frame they’re willing to cut it from and sell it?
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