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  1. No problem, it bolts in and should work just fine if I can get a banjo bolt in a 3/8x24 to connect it to the banjo. FYI; Apparently a M9x1.0 and the 3/8x24 thread is so close that they both work.
  2. Well, I just pulled the driver side banjo bolt and it is 3/8x24. The bad boy screws right in the new wheel cylinder. Still can't insert pics. I was able to attach some the first day but after I edited a error the add file option disappeared.
  3. I don't have that option, I saw it the other day but now all I have is insert image from URL on the bottom right.
  4. Wow, I can tell I am going to like this site! Thanks for all the input. Yes that is correct 1 thread port, and y banjo but the bleeder is on the banjo bolt head. But my original wheel cyl. and banjo bolt is threaded to M10x1.0 not 3/8x24. So: My wheel cylinders are threaded to M10x1.0, but now I need the 3/8-24 banjo bolt because the new wheel cyl. are threaded different. Anyone know where I can get two of them? SPECS ARE The overall length is 2". The banjo thread is now 3/8x24. From the base of the head to tip of thread is 1 3/8". And of course it needs a bleeder nipple hole 🤦‍♂️ Can I get them from Nissan?? LOL It's such a shame because everything is cleaning up so nicely, but the banjo bolt stopped me dead in my tracks.
  5. I got a new wheel cyl for my 1972 pickup at Rockauto and the banjo thread was a M9x1 but my original banjo bolt is a M10x1. Rockauto show's it to be the right wheel cyl. but I think they are wrong. Any ideas?
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