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  1. Hello, I'm looking for a rear center panel like this one but prefer without louvers. Does anyone know where I can find one?

    I used to have one on my 620 back in the day and would like to add this to my 77 KC I just bought.

    Thank you,



  2. Hello all,

    I just purchased a 77 King Cab with “factory “ a/c   I used to own a 73 620 back in the day and have been looking for another 620 for a long time.

    I’ve worked for Datsun/ Nissan dealers since 1982 and know how hard it is to get many parts for these. 
    Thanks for letting me join the group and am looking forward to some good fun getting my “new”  620 running and looking good.



    (how do I post pics?)

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  3. Thanks for the replies so far.

    I have Speed bleeders on most of my other cars

    (69 Ford Cortina GT track car, 97 Ford Mustang Cobra track car, 73 Plymouth Road Runner, 94 Dodge Viper)

    I like them because I don't have to bother anyone else when I need to bleed the brakes.

    Does anyone know the size of the stock bleeders so I can order the correct ones(1/77 620 KC)?



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  4. Hello,  

    I just bought a 1977 620 KC and want to install speed bleeders but I don’t see a listing anywhere.  Does anyone here know what part number is correct?



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