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  1. A few rips up and down the street before the cops showed up.
  2. Oh I am sure I will be there camera in hand! :D
  3. I was told by Barry I am slacking in the updates dept so here goes... The sounds of a V8 Chevy with open headers. First time running with everything hooked up. Needs to be timed but runs good with the tri-pack. It'll knock the wax right out of your ears.
  4. Just reminding members that I am just the guy posting the truck for the owner. Barry Brown from Riter Restorations is the owner and builder of the truck. I am just a helpful pain in the ass when he needs me around. The paint is '58 Cadillac blue.
  5. All one color now. I will get some better pics up once the truck is moved out of that nook it's parked in. Running fuel lines this coming weekend. AN fittings on order.
  6. Sorry about the blurriness...removable rollbar.
  7. Check the build thread I linked. It's running a Chevy V8 built by Ohio George himself!! There's a ton of pics in the build thread. I linked both build threads for both trucks. Read up!
  8. Thanks for looking! As Barney sends me more pics I will get them posted.
  9. And some more: Ratsun says I can't post too many pics at one time.
  10. Two Brothers, two Gasser Datsun Pickup Trucks. They want to know what Ratsun thinks. Barry Brown's 1979 Datsun 620 vvvvvv Build Thread Link vvvvvvvvv http://community.ratsun.net/topic/60234-1979-datsun-620-gasser-by-riter-restorations/?do=findComment&comment=1049121 Barney Brown's 1970 Datsun 521 vvvvv Build Thread Link vvvvv http://community.ratsun.net/topic/60235-1970-datsun-521-gasser-by-barney-brown/ Not only are these trucks being built to compete against each other on the drag strip they also want to compete for your votes. People's Choice Poll. Vote for your favorite Datsun build!! Which brother gets bragging rights, you be the judge.
  11. Everything Fits Better View of Custom Engine Mounts Tight Fit but it Works New Cab Extending the Cab and Frame/Building the Cab Floor Modeling a set of Overalls Cab Work Cab Extended 6" And that is it for the pics I have right now. As Barney sends me updates I'll get them posted up here for you guys to enjoy. Thanks for looking!!
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